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Saving and water purifier industry is about to ush new a pat

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   With consumers health concerns, the popularity rate of water purifier still continues to grow. According to the PRC online monitoring data show that in 2017 January-November retail sales of water purification equipment to 5.146 million units, up 31.1%; retail sales of 52.7 billion yuan, up 56.7%.

   in front of a huge incremental market, water purifier industry has also exposed many problems, such as brand mix, the quality varies greatly, market confusion. The water quality at the best reverse osmosis water purification machine, for example, the type of water purifier market share has reached 60% of sales, manufacturers nearly 4000, annual sales of more than 10 million units. But according to the survey, the current market rate of net water aquatic nearly 40% of home reverse osmosis water purifier (hereinafter referred to as water-efficient) less than 20%, resulting in a huge waste of water resources.

   Meanwhile, some unscrupulous businessmen use weak consumer brand awareness and take low-quality low-cost way to flicker consumers, so that consumers in the purchase to replace the filter frequently, not only allow consumers to bear the burden of long-term for the core , also caused enormous environmental waste and waste of resources.

   For these two problems, in October 2017, Gree launched three years does not change the core water purifier products, so that consumers from "consumption" experience; November 2, AQSIQ, the SC issued GB34914-2017 "reverse osmosis water purifier water efficiency limit value and water efficiency rating of" national standards, classified as water-efficient water purifier, which is 1,2-level water-saving products so that consumers from "water worry-free. " The occurrence of these two landmark events, arrival means "saving water purifier era", but also to thousands of water purifier enterprises are facing reshuffle.

   It is understood that Gree water purifier since the launch of the award-winning frequent: in March, at the "2017 Chinas consumer market, industry influence brand" promotion seminar, Gree water purifier won the "2017 China consumer market health industrys most trusted brand "; in October, Gree water purifier of the whole category of models after rigorous review China quality certification Center, the Chinese water-saving product certification; December 6, Gree water purifier (WTE- PC16-5081) to obtain a water purification industry, "Nobel Prize" - Brian 2017 product quality Award; December 18, Gree in the "2017 annual Meeting of the Chinese water industry water industry and the National Golden Tripod" release ceremony on one fell swoop gains twoItem GTA - "2017 annual national water industry innovations" and the "2017 annual national water industry best-selling brand."


   This series of heavy awards, were indicative of excellent quality and trust Gree water purifier market, the future will be more informed consumers buy water purifier.

   Meanwhile, since the new national standard reverse osmosis water purification efficiency into water 5, and the set of red water aquaculture net - the lowest five water efficiency of 35% should have a water production rate ; saving level 2 evaluation value of 55%, can be called 1,2-level water-saving water purifier.

   China Quality Certification Center two Minister Wang Hongyuan, said in an interview: "Product-saving grade level is really only reached 1,2 Gree water-saving products produced three machine does not change. core water purifier regarded throughout the industry are more advanced product that has passed the China quality certification Center of water-saving product certification, the entire industry is a leader, holds a leading position. "

   have a leader

   ago pull through technical innovation gap, after the GB standard to improve the access threshold, in such a situation, the water purifier is bound to undergo radical change. Currently water purifier average efficiency of less than 20%, double the average expected after implementation of standards, more than 40%.

   In such a situation, the market is nearly 40% less than 20% of water-efficient products will be eliminated, nearly 4,000 enterprises are faced with the reshuffle, but also to the Gree artisans such enterprises to stay more room for development.

   water purifier industry is about to usher in a new market structure.

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