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Rental store brand water purifier high prevalence of indepdt

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   In recent years, water purifier because of its broad prospects for development to become first choice for many entrepreneurs franchisees. Previously, the store because of its strategic location, easy to increase brand awareness and other advantages, and has been the major distributors of all ages. Now available, the store rents rising, water purifier dealers pulled out of the stores, independent stores for its flexibility and freedom, and low operating cost advantage quickly gained affirmation water purifier business.

   water purifier brand of independent stores in vogue

   for the growing popularity of independent stores, supermarkets and other small form water purifiers water purifier sales terminals, there is a water purifier industry believes that, if early so some years as more and more independent stores out of the water purifier brand store opened, the traditional water purifier stores and appliance stores net in terms of body mass, or in the absolute right to speak is Shuoyibuer "big brother" "Chuhan war" between the water heater brand of independent stores has become increasingly clear.




water purifier brand independent shop store rent high prevalence

   in our water purifier market, there are many large appliance store, but there are still a lot of net water brand adhere to the tradition of open independent stores. Independent way of brand franchise stores, supermarkets and other brand water purifiers, due to the brand display space fully showcase the brand product line rich, and give consumers more choice and experience. Meanwhile, independent stores as many manufacturers Direct, less intermediate links, the price advantage outstanding, and post-service delivery and also has the advantage of easier access to consumer acceptance, which is conducive to occupy a larger market share and opportunities . It is also in a brutal game market, more and more water purifier brands have started to set up an independent shop, or in the store shop also have to open one of the independent driving force behind the shop.

   water purifier brand of independent stores enriched the channel

   water purifier brand of independent stores, the rapid development of water purifier supermarket, but also to many people in the industry had independent shops and stores Will compete guess. Insiders believe that, in the upper reaches of the real estate downturn, in the water purifier product homogeneity and more serious, in the water purification industry increasingly competitive moment, more and more water purifier brand has begun to seek new business channels and models, this form of independent shops, there are plenty of venues independent and able to fully display their products, the spatial arrangement of different scenarios to give consumers the most intuitive feelings.

   ItNot subject to the channels, but also to avoid high rental stores, vicious competition and other issues between the brand, the quality of the brand, reputation, brand marketing has certain advantages. Predictably, along with some of the continuous improvement and the strength of the water purifier to enhance brand awareness, build brand in the future there will be a separate store outside the store.

   for the water purifier water purifier brand out of the market many stores have set up shop in the status of independence, but also led many traditional appliance store thinking and change. For example, the water purifier business for the stores need large exhibition hall and difficult to get to meet the status quo, appliance stores have pioneered innovative models to meet resident needs to show big brand experience, the store opened to let in the door of the big brands Independent form, received widespread attention. Independent shops and stores should be a complementary relationship, there is no direct competition. Both independent shops and stores positioning is a certain difference, product sales are not the same, the two are not opposites.

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