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Proper understanding of waste wat purifian objective viewf d

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RO machine, water machine, electrolysis of water purifiers ...... face of the complicated water appliances market battle, consumers choose the most suitable product, is the most sensible choice.


water purifier market today, the face of public business publicity stunt for all types of water purification technology, consumers will often know what to do, but the overwhelming Purchase of common sense, gossip various channels, product defects exposure whether true or false, it is often difficult for consumers to discern.


Many consumers are entangled, what to buy what kind of water purifier is the best choice? In fact, all kinds of water purification equipment is different, depending on the needs, the treatment effect is not the same. Therefore, the purchase of water purification equipment, not the best product, only the most appropriate choice.


鈮?electrolysis of water purifier


When the acidic water is considered to be universal water Enemies bombarded media and public opinion, electrolysis of water hot moment. But because manufacturers are not clear of the water ionizer product positioning function, leading consumers blind pursuit of alkaline water, ignoring the electrolysis of water does not mean clean water.


The principle of work electrolysis of water, electrolysis by the alkaline water and acidic water supply separate user, acidic water can be used as bathing, alkaline water for drinking. Many consumers may ignore the electrolysis of water does not contain water purification function, the electrolysis of water, although it weakly basic, but has not been filtered and purified, which still contain heavy metals, particulates and other harmful substances.


Many devices rejection electrolysis of water, electrolysis of water because the end product as a single use. In fact, while the electrolysis of water is mounted in the home, it should install a filter, the purification means such as ultrafiltration, PP, ceramics, activated charcoal and the like.


a proper understanding of the waste water of pure water machine


In recent years, domestic manufacturers interested in marketing public relations "waste" incident, have introduced a conceptual low wastewater water machine technology, and what is not pure water machine water fee rate the lower the better it?


low cost water purifier products can really achieve environmental protection, energy conservation, improve the purification rate. However, according to the practice results show that reducing the cost of water rates is likely to cause recession cut short the life of film and processing power. In other words, the user selects low-cost water rate products at the same time, not only to bear the cost of purchasing water purification equipment, Post-maintenance and replacement parts will be spending a small fortune.


objective look healthy drinking water


Although todays water purification equipment purification, electrolysis aspects of the technology are relatively mature, the output of pure water can also be done free of impurities. But in the face of some businesses play alkaline water, oxygen-rich water, space, water, nano-water conceptual health, care when drinking water equipment, consumers should be a rational view. Healthy drinking water does not mean that they can healthy, what kind of water treatment technology is not a substitute for medical treatment.


Studies have shown that, although purified water clean, free of impurities, but in the filtering process has lost part of minerals, long-term drinking easily lead to a lack of trace elements. In addition, some businesses promote consumption of a variety of alkaline water can make people become basic physical argument is not scientific. PH value of body fluids between 7.35 ~ 7.45, and only in this range in order to maintain normal physiological function, slightly alkaline or acidic environment will cause disturbances in the body, impact bodily functions.

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