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Purchase whole houswater purification system you focus on qu

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   With economic development, peoples living standards, a new generation of small appliances whole house water purification system so that consumers were well received. For consumers know very little about the whole house water purification system, the purchase is really a difficult task.

   whole house water purification apparatus generally comprises three subsystems: the one installed in the water mains, impurities in the water used to remove large particles, to enhance the initial quality of the whole house home filtered; the second is the whole house water purification processing, for removing chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, and other impurities, a central machine; Third for domestic water, for removing calcium and magnesium ions, to soften water, protective clothes, detergent savings, and lifting equipment such as water heaters performance, to avoid fouling of the water softener; last is the end product by filtration drinking water treatment, water purifier is commonly known.

   the whole house water purification products currently on the market a wide range of brand confused, water purification product portfolio is diverse, dazzling. Many consumers buy whole house water purification, and some focus on brand awareness, while others are the focus on price, theres more care and maintenance costs, so in the end what is the whole house water purification optional core standards?



   Xiao Bian finishing in the purchase of whole house water purification equipment to focus on several aspects, to share with you:

   First, look at the efficiency of water purification products is stable

   on the market most of the products are taken grade filtration purification, purification efficiency is basically composed of 50% 95% 20% 15% 0 negative parabolic curve, this process was repeated cycles . Why water purification efficiency stability would be a parabola? Full-house water purification, for example, just because a water purification products, water purification central parts need to adapt to the raw water environment, gradually increase the purification efficiency reaches a maximum, but with the use of time growth, which in turn weakens purification capacity, wait until we lose the ability to purify replacement.

   Second, look at maintenance costs of water production and maintenance of frequencies

   and some water purification equipment market, the price is very cheap, but post-maintenance costs for consumers staggering, optical service within a year and would three to five times, doing maintenance costs more expensive than the purchase cost. And do not maintain it is not working, choose to continue the maintenance cost is a bottomless pit.

   Third, look at whether the main trend of the future development of the

   intelligent, integratedStyle home had boarded the stage of history, and for the 80,90 strong recognition and acceptance, while a good water purification products, must be in line with the mainstream of the future, imagine if the family has been installed hydropower decoration, basic 8--10 years will not be much change, but intelligent, integrated home 3--5 years has become a common trend rise, if due to the choice of water purification products are not in line with the mainstream of the future, and finally only two outcomes: either only You can envy a friends house high-quality whole house water purification, or redecorating a huge cost. Therefore, the choice of water purification products must be long-term vision, not just for the sake of being cheap.

   In fact, no matter what to buy, the quality and price are proportional, there is no free lunch, get a cheap might fall more after you get the hang, so anyway, to choose the right and for home use whole house water purification system is the best.

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