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Purifier companies need to speed up the change ofhinking ont

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   Currently, the "Internet thinking" water purifier industry has become a hot topic, touted by many companies, but around the "Internet thinking" there are some controversy. The industry believes that, for the "Internet thinking", neither deified nor demonized, but rather to see if it really change the business model of commercial activities and, if true promote technological innovation and industrial transformation and upgrading, is truly promote economic development and overall social progress. In this regard, the "Internet thinking" caused by change and innovation is tangible, water purifier enterprises to accelerate the transformation of thinking is very necessary and urgent.


   recognized 10 core water purifier thinking network marketing business contacts in real terms

   At present, there is no uniform definition on "Internet thinking", is generally believed, "Internet thinking" is to re-examine the market, ways of thinking, products, enterprise value chain and the whole economy and way of thinking. It is not a technical thinking, not a marketing thinking, nor is the electricity supplier of thinking, but a systematic way of thinking throughout the entire process of product design, production, logistics and marketing.

   connotation of "Internet thinking", it is more recognized 10 core thinking: User thinking, simple thinking, thinking first, thinking label, pain points, thinking, thinking screaming point, the fans thinking, thinking explosion point , iterative thinking, integrated thinking. Water purifier business only really know these 10 core thinking, will come into contact with the substance of the Internet marketing model.

   First, the user thinking. Internet has removed the information asymmetry, consumer sovereignty era. Enterprises must from market positioning, product development, production and sales as well as after-sales service throughout the value chain, adhere to the "user-centric" concept. Initiative from the user standpoint thinking products that enable users to participate in product development, or on-demand. The pursuit of the user experience first, exceed user expectations.

   Second, simple thinking. Simplicity is to enable users to find the features they need quickly, quick start, zero-cost learning, is to reduce the burden on users, improve the user experience nature. iPhone has only one button design is to cater to this experience.

   Third, a first thinking. Internet age, "winner takes all, strong Always the Winner", the market share of the first and second place there is often very different. enterpriseThe first thought must establish order in the market competition, access to the growth rate "snowball" type. By then, other competitors will be difficult to shake its status.

   Fourth, the label thinking. In the Internet era, there is no equivalent to the product label is not located, a number of labeled products is also equivalent to not locate. Labeling requirements early in the product thinking it accurate positioning, and around this position to develop, improve, continue to adhere to the label intently. For example, in search of Baidu, Taobao e-commerce.

   Fifth, the pain point of thinking. Pain point refers to a product or service by most people had repeatedly expressed the problem to be solved. Behind the pain points often hidden valuable functional demands. In the experience economy era of popular pain point is the basis of all product development. Particular attention to mining user pain points, enhance the user experience, exceed user expectations.

   Sixth, screaming point thinking. If the product is only to solve the users pain points, not enough to make the user recommendation, must allow users to feel really good, it will have a screaming point. Lei Jun has said: Always do allow users to scream products that we usually do not become mediocre.

   Seventh, the fans thought. Learn through the network communication tools, in close interaction with the fans, the fans maintain a sense of participation, respect for the feeling of accomplishment. Millet phone early stage of development, we continue to absorb user feedback, improve the product, which is quite different from traditional business practices, so that the rice they have a strong sense of participation, an important support for the development of millet.

   The eight, burst point of thinking. Explosion point is the product can be the tipping point topic. In the Internet age, companies need to focus on the product itself tipping point, to borrow microblogging, letters, blog, forums and other social media to promote their products, formation of reputation, products need to be explosion point with a more fragmented, more networked way of expression, continue to push network.

   Nine out, iterative thinking. Internet era, links production to consumption is very short, very low cost consumer feedback. This is an Internet product to "fast iterative" basis. Iterative thinking allows the product to be inadequate, continuing to improve product iterations. MIUI millet system, on a weekly iterative development cycle.

   their ten, integrated thinking. Integration requires thinking outside the box out of the industry, to see its own resources, strengths and weaknesses, see the resource sector and the whole environment, benefitsAnd vulnerable. Looking for common interests between the different integration objects, while providing favorable conditions for each other to achieve the "1 + 1> 2" overall effect.

   (Source: Chinese word of mouth network)

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