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Thermos bottle to drink it in water ovnight

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   We often hear people say can not drink the water overnight, mainly refers to the cool boiled water, then drink thermos bottle in the water overnight it? Let Xiaobian to tell you the answer.




Mo and so hungry, eat, drink thirsty, sleepy sleep, old age to exercise ...... which is circulating on the Internet "health proverbs." As we all know water is essential to life nutrients, the bodys metabolic should be carried out with the participation of water, but not all of the water is drinkable, particularly overnight is best not to drink the water, you know why can not water overnight drink it? Since water is not sealed overnight, prolonged contact with the air generated a lot of bacteria that can make people sick, then the thermos overnight in water to drink it?


The recent spread of "overnight water" can not drink statement. In fact, water should not be too dogmatic, "not drink water overnight" There is no scientific justification. People know Geye not drink, mainly related to microbial contamination, overnight tea is microbial propagation medium, in which the nitrite content will be a substantial increase after tea placed night, but boil the tap water in a thermos in even shelved contaminated little chance of two days, it may be safe to drink.


but small series to remind you boil drinking water to prevent repeat, this is definitely not drink, lets take a look at it.


re-boiling water can cause excessive nitrite content in water. As we all know, excessive or excessive nitrite in water, can cause human fatigue, weakness, drowsiness, coma varying degrees, body bruising, blood pressure, abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, lack of can cause malignant disease. Open prevents water pollution is simple: resolutely put an end to reuse water, and repeat the boil. Particular attention or five mentioned below water undrinkable.


a, burned in the stove overnight or for a long time, it is already drinking of lukewarm water;


2, automatic heating overnight in heavy-boiled water; [ 123]

   3, remaining after boiling water repeatedly;


   4, the remaining water steamed food meals and the like.


   5, after more than three days on boiled water not suitable for drinking.


   The water stored for too long, will be produced nitrite bacterial infectionSalt, once a large number of nitrite into the human body, can make tissue hypoxia, nausea, vomiting, headache, palpitation and other symptoms, severe hypoxia can make people to death, so be sure to remind everyone Xiaobian to know more about the family drinking water Tips to ensure that drinking water health of our families. You want to know more home drinking little knowledge, it would continue to focus on Internet cafes.




   Editor: Liu Changli


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