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Power brand new upgrade! Ait blue high-speed il advertisemen

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  Power brand new upgrade! Ait blue high-speed rail advertisement shock landing north of Chongqing, Changsha South http: //www.js.hc360.com2020骞?at 15:42 on May 25 Source: HC purification Network T


   HC purification network with the times the development of high-speed rail gallop and had replaced the echo of a train whistle, however, the station crowded noisy crowd and go home and look forward to wandering the face of relaxed look but still has not changed.

   As the main force of Chinas railway passenger transport, just ten years time, high-speed rail has experienced from scratch, from less to more, from a single line to the rapid development of the network. High-speed rail gather huge field effect brought together the high spending power of business elite crowd, thus advertising the economic effects of high-speed rail station is also due to focus precisely crowd gradually emerge, advertising high-speed rail has become the focus of one of the many high-end brands serving media platforms.

   As the epidemic prevention and control situation continues to improve, the major stations gradually restored the bustle and vitality of the past, recently, Chongqing Electric Co., Ltd. Yate blue high-speed rail advertising strong landing Chongqing North Railway Station and Changsha South Station two principal station, the blue Ait products and brand image is passed to the user country, a move that greatly enhance the brand awareness Ait blue, very wide audience expected.

   "Chongqing, Changsha," as Chinas new cities, high-speed rail station great traffic and dense. Very conducive to the spread of brand. It is reported that Ait blue high-speed rail line on the ad once, they form a three-dimensional brand accurate communication linkage effects, the radiation of high-end consumers, detonated high-speed rail advertising communication boom!


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Ait Blue strong landing Chongqing North High Speed 鈥嬧€婻ail Station

   Ait blue high-speed rail advertising areas are mainly concentrated position in the waiting room, ticket gates and other populated, high frequency roll-weather round play, stands the wide-scale LED scraper, gives a strong visual impact, will be enough for most people Ait blue high-quality brand image and product Ait blue water deep imprint in my mind, but the trafficker to make the long time span Ait blue brand has been the greatest degree of exposure.








Ait Blue HSR strong landing Changsha South Station

   so efficient and "generous" investment, the brands strength and charm passed to the majority of the passengers, it hopes to help fast high-speed rail advertising communication speed, covering a wide range of precise audience propaganda advantage, so Ait blue the concept of water as quickly fly into the homes of ordinary people, to accelerate universal access to Ait blue line machine.

   Chongqing Yate Blue Electric Co., Ltd. is a focus on product development, production, sales, service as one of the intelligent high-tech environment-friendly enterprises, with first-class R & D team, professional development and production of household, commercial type water purifier and a second hot water dispenser. As the worlds second hot water manufacturing experts, focus on second thermal technology for 30 years, almost a hundred countries to obtain patents and national high-tech enterprise certification, owns Ait blue, second drink, Jealan three well-known brands, selling products in more than 80 worldwide countries, by the unanimous praise from customers at home and abroad!

   The company has been adhering to the "sincerity in special, Road to the letter" business philosophy, adhere to the "quality first, customers first" principle of service, follow the "meticulous, dedicated, efficient, dedicated" work attitude, realized for every Chinese family to create a healthy drinking water terminal platform and a new life for the development goals, all the user experience as the center, to provide comprehensive, multi-angle, high standards of professional services. A well-known brand, so the industry pioneer! Let easier to drink than simple!

   At the same time, Stuart Blue Electric also has a professional and outstanding technical development team, the companys existing number of doctorate, senior engineer at the core R & D team of a dozen people, rich knowledge base and research and development experience, professional high degree, has become the backbone of the companys product development and technological innovation. The patented invention has been established 14, 18 patents utility model, the appearance model patent 14.

   Since 2015, access to national 3C certification started production, first in the industry allowed water Pipi pieces, and adopted the ISO: 90012015 quality management system certification, GB / T24001-2016 / ISO14001: 2015 environmental management system certification and GB / T28001- 2016 / OHSAS18001: 2007 occupational health and safety management system certification and GB / T29490-2013 intellectual property management system certification and a series of professional certification, Stuart blue water to create not just a simple product, it is a healthy, safe, convenient, intimateAnd beautiful as one of the fashion art

   for the sake of competitive differentiation good momentum, blue Ait independent research and development, production and sales of water dispenser series products, after several years of market baptism and Ebb Tide, to human design and stable performance show strong competitiveness, and gradually gained a large number of active users, core users and loyal customers.

   from product to product quality and technology, to brand marketing, Ait blue everything in front, step by step, first, did not lose a leader in the true style can be described as a model for the development of the industry. The Blue Ait spent the implementation of the bombing campaign ads in crowded high-speed rail station, with the advantage of high-speed rail advertising, accelerate efforts to promote the brand in the country, which is an important step in Ait blue 2020 annual brand strategy development planning.


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