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The second half of 2018 water purification agents stregy

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  The second half of 2018 water purifier agency strategic publishing site: www.watersz.com Published: 2018-09-07 knew it, two-thirds of 2018 has quietly by. 2018 is the rapid development of my countrys water purification industry a year, with the improvement of peoples living standards, household water purifiers are slowly spread across the country. Many water purification agents to join seize the opportunity, under the brand of helping their own efforts, with no small gain for the future development of confidence. However, water purifiers joined the cause is not accomplished overnight, but a protracted war, can not tolerate the slightest lax. So, the second half of 2018, the majority of water purification agents to join How can a lasting and stable development? Water purifiers top ten brands Walter concluded that the experience of finishing operations hundreds of agents, water purifier business, focuses on the following points. do a good job of fierce "intelligence" water industry competition, like a war without bullets. How to grasp the initiative, pre-emptive strike on the battlefield? Grasp the "intelligence" is the key. Water purification industry, "intelligence", is to investigate the market. Intentions a little difficult to find, and now more and more refined classification of water purifiers, water purifiers function more and more diverse, more and more beautiful appearance of the water purifier. Market demand, too, to Octavia insight into changes in water purifier and water industry, and then analyze how to solve or make good use of these changes, only this versatile, can always meet different customer needs. Do join the agency, should always pay attention to industry-related information, make timely adjustments if necessary. Intention to establish any industry, customers are in this business to settle down reputation, no customers, there is no all. Many experienced agents know that maintaining a good old care is more important than the development of dozens of new customers, if not some fixed customer base is difficult to gain a foothold in this competitive market. Safeguard an old customer, so he really compliment your brand recognition is very important. Because he felt good your products and services number, he would recommend around friends and relatives to use your product, your product has virtually become a salesman. Conversely, if you gave him a bad purchase experience, he is likely to be a "bad review spreader", your business will become increasingly difficult. Do products, so joining agent, be sure to establish a good reputation in the local. Walter is committed to the development of global water purification equipment, developed a number of international patent technology, EPAN nano-fiber ultrafiltration technology, NAT nanocomposite technology, "double nuclear decontamination""Multiple split" and other international leading purification technology has won the high visibility and reputation in the cleaning industry, the purification system known as the international expert. do service water purifier is different from other products, products sold also relates to the installation and maintenance to replace the filter and a series of work, after-sales service is particularly important. Good after-sales service, make customers feel more secure, increase trust in the brand. At the same time set up after-sales service is also an important part of reputation, make the customer feel that you are wholeheartedly for his sake, it is the agent business become bigger and stronger must be done. In the process of solving the problem of the sale, or you can continue with the headquarters feedback for product development and technical updates headquarters it is very important. Walter water purifier in the national 24-hour booking service, free design, installation and maintenance of life. And Walter has a sound customer files, regular telephone interviews to track the quality of service to ensure customer satisfaction. While Walter will be regular home maintenance, maintenance of normal use of the product.

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