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Only for healthy drinking water, water purificion equipment

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  Unfamiliar terms


For most people, water purification equipment was a strange term, face water machine, ultrafiltration machines, water softeners, etc., you may be looking at some Fan Yun, for small literacy prepared Raiders compiled a water purification equipment, in terms of classification, the scope of application as the primary user of aquatic products processing clean, we want to make a quick overview of the basics of water purification equipment and the purchase of help.


we often refer to water purification equipment type ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis type water purifier, to distinguish them in the filter, the effect is a municipal drinking water purification so as to enhance the secondary drinking water purity. Filter water purifier is the core, they decided the water purifier filter accuracy. To filter performance point of view than reverse osmosis water purifier ultrafiltration water purifier confidential, but that does not mean the reverse osmosis type for everyone.


Advantages: output pure water, drink straight, the highest purity water, heavy metals can be effectively filter


Disadvantages: less water, waste water and more pressing needs electricity, the high cost ( multi wastewater, late replacement filter high cost), the large area


suitable environment: a larger space under the kitchen, there is the installation environment of the power supply; high heavy metal pollution of drinking water, water rigid regions;


Buy recommendations: contrast RO membrane brand (Dow membrane highest reputation), compare before buying the water flow / waste water ratio and other parameters, no heavy metal contaminated areas need not be too pursuit of reverse osmosis water purification effect


RO another role of the title water machine of different filter


the reverse osmosis water purification unit is pure water, pure water, it outputs, reverse osmosis water purification unit has the most meticulous filtering structure typically comprises a preamble PP cotton, two pre-carbon, and after the RO membrane 5 configuration which activated carbon. RO reverse osmosis membrane element is its core, reverse osmosis membrane filtration 0.0001 micron precision allows only water molecules, which can effectively filter out bacteria and viruses, heavy metals, organic compounds, eventually water sources pungent odor, sediment, heavy metals even to the beneficial calcium and magnesium ions will be filtered.


a reverse osmosis type water purifier complex structure, high installation environment requirements


only optional literacy


The mainstream healthy drinking water purification equipment although the reverse osmosis water purification unit purification advantage is obvious, but the problem is also more use in the face. It needs to pump pressure reverse osmosis membranes, reverse osmosis water purification unit therefore needPower to operate.


ratio produces waste water, process water and waste water by reverse osmosis water purification unit in the filter processing substantially about 1: 3, we obtain 1 liter per 4 liters of drinking water will enter the water, filtered out of the waste water will be discharged three liters. Although the wastewater is filtered emissions, but also the purity higher than ordinary tap water, wastewater collection can be used to water the flowers and even vegetables mopping it anyway. Structure


5 mainstream water machine, but also a small amount of non-water tank, without pump pressure Products


Because the characteristics of the reverse osmosis membrane, 0.0001 micron filter accuracy can significantly reduce the amount of water purifier general water machine in the parameter will indicate the amount of water parameters, such as 0.13L / min means that 40% of you a minute to get pure water is just plain canned drinks, facing the home environment is not much out of the tap , the proposed purchase double effluent water machine, such products tend to offer only a 2-3 coarse filter water filtration mode, you will feel the rush of water when its convenient.


In order to solve the problem of slow water, pure water will provide most of the purified water after storage tank for filtering (6 liters capacity), which solves the short-term large amount of water needs to a certain extent, the user Alternatively greater high water purifier.


The reverse osmosis water purification unit need to periodically replace the filter element 5, and two activated carbon PP cotton at the forefront of the shortest life, generally recommended replacement time of the pre-PP cotton six months, two front level 1 of activated carbon, reverse osmosis membrane thus during use requires regular maintenance purchase filter, 2-30 membered costs. RO membrane filter highest cost, good front stage filter 3 most contaminants have been removed, so it has the life of approximately two years, without frequent replacement.


UF water purifier Information:


Advantages: direct drinking water can be useful to retain water minerals, water volume, low cost


Disadvantages: heavy metal can not be filtered , with a secondary pollution risks, no softener results


suitable environment: heavy metal pollution of water is preferably small area


optional suggestions: comparison filtering accuracy, the filter lifetime, not industrialized areas use of


no RO membranes, ultrafiltration water purification unit can single stage filter


Ultrafiltration water purifier reverse osmosis-type structure can be seen as a simplified version, filter and purify levels are gaps. Their ability to 0.01 micron filter, membrane filtration accuracy differences, should be noted when purchasing official data. Ultrafiltration water purifier can filter out sediment, chlorine and bacteria in water and some germs, but you can not remove heavy metal ions in water, and therefore industrialized areas is not recommended.


UF water purification installation is simpler, demands less environmentally


UF water purifier usually single-stage membrane filtration, the amount of water close to the water, the useful life of such filter products ranging concerned about post-user maintenance costs can be integrated contrast filter life and price. However, single-stage filter using 1--2 years implies the need for the decontamination filters, ultrafiltration water purifiers are generally equipped with automatic decontamination function, the proposed purchase internal pressure ultrafiltration membrane products, sewage leaving no property may to avoid secondary contamination of the water.


Simple purification equipment:


faucet filter net structure


province small net tap


net ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis water purification unit water has installed a similar structure, in addition to them there are some relatively simple water purification equipment, net faucet and countertop water purifier based. They filtration accuracy is limited, so it was not mainstream. Net tap often using cotton + PP structure of activated carbon, filtered and limited range of visible suspended solids, chlorine and the like, their maximum advantage of easy installation, generally can install, and small footprint, more suitable for short-term use rental users. According to User Reviews of view, net tap to replace the filter more frequently, the cost is not low.


water softener and prefilter


A front purifier red circle


They are special types of water purification equipment, recommended water purifier optional prefilter users, they are the first line of defense of the supply chamber, through the barrier filter sediment, rust and some larger water impurities us. Prefilter water machine can prolong the life of the filter, similar to the effect of a lifetime once purchased.


soft water is very special purification equipment, which form by ion exchange to remove calcium and magnesium ions in the water, functional water softener to soften water is limited, no filtering effect. It can prevent scale from clogging in water heaters, washing machines and other homeElectricity, you can extend the life of electrical appliances, laundry, bath gel and easier to clean, to better protect the skin and clothing of health, the average family rarely seen appear soft water.


filter kettle:


If simply to get healthy drinking water used for the purpose, do not want the kitchen makes too complex, filtered water bottle after drinking should be another good choice, and it suitable alternative to drinking, even at home can also be used in the office. And a filter kettle water purifier using a similar structure, a multi-layer filtering drinking than solve the problem of secondary pollution and bottled water dispenser. However, the limited space in the cartridge mounted electric kettle size container, so these products are primarily carbon as filter material, to filter the water sediment, chlorine and some bacteria. Because of the presence of the filter, the filter kettle need for regular replacement filter, period of 1-3 months.


would have wanted as brief as possible to introduce water purification equipment, did not expect to finish is so complicated ... and then some deviation from water purification equipment for everyone to quickly understand the original intention to do literacy. Finally, small series with short text simple and crude summary of it to make the purchase.


if you want to get the purest drinking water quality, reverse osmosis water purifier is the best choice, but it is not practical, slow water, waste water, high cost. UF water purifier is the second best choice, no heavy metal contaminated areas do not mind the scale of user selects it OK, cheaper and more practical. Using water purifier require periodic replacement cartridge is not installed the once and for all, installing the filter can be slightly extended filter life. Finally, if you feel too much trouble with a water purifier, I do not want to renovate the kitchen waterway changes again, or inconvenient to use water purifier in the rented house, the user can choose which part of the net kettle, boil water or drinking more than Some health.



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