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Why install a qualified water purifier- - wat, instl purrs,

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   HC purification network Most people think tap water at home clean, treated water through water plant qualified, If you install a water purifier is a kind of duplication of investment, and unnecessary spending. But as peoples living standards improve, the water purifier to slowly spread to the home, and have become household essential products. So why should tap qualified to install water purifier it?

   After the water plant water treatment is qualified, but there will be secondary pollution of the water problem in some areas, some of the water purifier installation, change filter core users will know, the original clean strand analysis over time, it is covered with a thick yellow sand and other contaminants, if there is no water purifiers, these impurities have been drinking into the stomach. These pollutants are to do from what areas?

   the water pipe network. After various problems to occur during long-distance transport of water distribution network or staying, after the water reaches the user at the factory. Metal pipes age have not been treated with preservatives more than 5 - 10 years, had reached the dirt of the degree of deterioration of water quality, poor anti-corrosion treatment of metal pipes 3--5 years began to appear corrosion, longer useful life of the pipe, the more severe corrosion water quality worse. Although the water pipe network will be clean, but its flow, it will soon have a new pollution attachments!

   secondary water tower or water tank. This is very common in some high-rise district, water district for a long time if not cleaned, stored large amounts of contaminated impurities. Long-term accumulation of water will be delivered by secondary pollution. Leading to every household water is not up to drink straight effect. If it is more responsible to their property could be cleaned every year, as the number is not responsible for the property you can imagine inside a water tower now is what kind of environment.

   Therefore, even if the water is pre-qualified, or the need to purify water purifier.

   water purifier is divided into various microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, etc., because we usually drink tap water through layers of pollution, install a water purifier at home to make the water more pure healthy . Water purifier main function is to filter the water float, so to get rid of bacteria and viruses, having multiple filtration technique.

   To choose the timeAccording to their own needs to choose the right water filter, like a friend can choose to drink pure water, like to drink hot water ultrafiltration machine can be selected, so that we can ensure that our drinking water and to cook healthy! Of course, if conditional You can also select whole house water purification and central water softener to improve the quality of their lives.

   to install a water purifier not only duplication of investment, but it is necessary to install a water purifier not only to protect our drinking water health, if the home tap water is not contaminated during transportation, nor drinkable.


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