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Ten years later the car is the capest andmost expensivhouseu

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   A decade later the cheapest thing

   1, cash

   "100 yuan in 2014, purchasing power is a fraction of the time in 2004? Go to McDonalds, buy Maybe something little different, but to buy a house, hiring a nanny, doctor, training courses on children, the difference is big in 2004, when Shenzhen nanny monthly salary is 1,000 yuan, to the current 3500-4000 yuan; good location almost cell the new house is the year 6000 yuan a square meter, now at least 35,000, "and this is the devaluation of the purchasing power of media research data, along with rising prices, 10 years later, presumably cash will become increasingly worthless.

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   2, the house

   Today, my countrys per capita ownership of the residential area is the number of homes under construction in the area and how much. Inverted pyramid families consequences of family planning is to create, own a suite, each parent a suite ...... eventually these houses will be left to future generations, and vacant houses need to pay property taxes, who would want to leave the house so much in the hands of everyone selling a house what the consequences are?

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   3 car

   car has basically become a very common consumer goods, according to media statistics, car ownership in China It has more than 300 million amount, and the number is increasing. Major car manufacturers are vigorously build factories in China, and vigorously promote price war. It is foreseeable that 10 years after the car will be much cheaper than it is today.

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   4, mobile phone

   Todays mobile phone is cheaper than 10 years ago, how much, buy a mobile phone calls sent to a former, now charge to send phone calls, and play the new concept of mobile phone business , mobile phones, only one entrance, a tool to collect your personal information, then, I am afraid giants will compete to give you phone. ......

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