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Pollution of water damage throughout the bodyo buy water pur

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  With the increasingly serious environmental pollution, disease cases because people drink unhealthy water led to more and more, a lot of people in order to protect the health of themselves and their families, are choosing to buy a water purifier, however, and some people wrong thing. Now, Xiao Bian help us popularize the pollution of drinking water which would cause serious harm our body organs it! Hope to those who do not care about the body of some of the warning. 姹℃煋鐨勬按璐ㄤ激瀹虫暣涓韩浣?璐拱鍑€姘村櫒鏉滅粷姘存薄鏌撲激瀹? src=


   When the heavy metals in water into the stomach, gastrointestinal mucosa will destroy, kill bacteria portion (digestive enzymes), resulting in gastrointestinal diseases. Such as gastritis, gastric ulcer, gastric, colitis and other chronic diseases is thus formed of water pollution.


   kidney glomeruli is composed by a number of human intake of approximately five kilograms of water per day. If we drink contaminated water, so water pollutants exceeded produce carbonate excretion will increase the burden on the kidneys, at the same time increased the incidence of gallstone disease.


   One of the functions of the liver

   is a blood processing filter, contaminated water will lead to reduced quality of the blood to form liver hepatitis, cirrhosis.

姹℃煋鐨勬按璐ㄤ激瀹虫暣涓韩浣?璐拱鍑€姘村櫒鏉滅粷姘存薄鏌撲激瀹? src=


   together a body vessel length, two and a half around the earth. Vessel lumen are very narrow, blood fat and heavy metal binding, will thrombosis factor, then as the flow of blood to form clots stenosis, resulting in cerebral thrombosis, myocardial infarction and other vascular disease.


   The most important feature

   cancer cells are anaerobic decomposition process of absorbing large amounts of oxygen, resulting in excessive organic matter in water, environment, human hypoxic cancer cells to survive and reproduce.

姹℃煋鐨勬按璐ㄤ激瀹虫暣涓韩浣?璐拱鍑€姘村櫒鏉滅粷姘存薄鏌撲激瀹? src=

   shows that harm, harm to water pollution not only in some areas of the body, but the whole of the health risks are very obvious. So, people do not have to buy a water purifier to buy as soon as possible, regardless of body organs that there is a problem, after all spend a lot of treatment costs, and that time is not thousands of dollars can be solved.

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