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4 strokes teach you to solve household water purificationysm

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  4 strokes teach you to solve household water purification system of water decreases seen people say they work http: //www.js.hc360.com2020骞?at 10:06 on June 3 Source: Chengdu home real estate Raiders T

   T [123 ] HC purification water purifier network now has become quite essential household household appliances, used every morning pick up from the water purifier cup of warm open water to drink, convenient and quick. But this morning, water purification system of water suddenly smaller, the most intuitive feeling connected to a glass of water slower time than usual several times, you do not half a year, do not buy yourself a fake water purifier? With this doubt, greatly accelerates the way to work the way Internet search, search, water purifier small amount of water suddenly What the hell?



   What are the factors affecting water purification system of water it? Wish to take a look down:

   First: water purification filters have not been cleaned for a long time to replace the

   most cases are caused because of this, because the pre-filter replacement long periods of cleaning, it will lead to disruption of water, filter blocked. After this happens, you can recall the rinse water purifier How long did it? If not wash more than a month, it quickly with cis, trans are two ways to filter flushing it!

   Second, look at our water purifier How long have purchased, usually to buy more than six months will need to change first grade PP cotton filter, and the price is not expensive can go to the brands flagship store to buy it. Ranging from 3 years - other activated carbon and reverse osmosis filter, generally 1 can be used.

   Further, with many now are water purifier filter life indicator, the filter may be replaced by the prompt indicator.

   Second, abnormal water pressure

   is usually a normal pressure 0.3MPA state, when the pressure exceeds 0.3MPA, water purification system of water will increase, whereas the water purification system in volume will this is because the water pressure affect ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis membrane due. So, while reducing water system, water pressure test, the case caused by this reason, it is proposed to build or install a booster pump pressure relief valve to be adjusted.



   Third, water temperatures decrease

   When cold, the temperature of the water drops, whereby the flow becomes slow, resulting in reduced water purifier system. This is normal, do not worry too much, such as the weather gets warmer and, water system will naturally return to normal.

   If the water systemIs too small to affect the normal use, we must consider how to move a water purifier warm or warmer place.

   Fourth: abnormal booster pump or the power adapter.

   If the RO is installed at home reverse osmosis membrane water purification because of water smaller booster pump appears there may be a problem, resulting in low water pressure, resulting in small water purification mechanism or no water situation. If this kind of problem we can only replace a booster pump, that is able to solve the problem.



   booster pump (picture from the network)


   In general, water purification system are smaller than water due to four reasons, if you are into own water purification system of water becomes small to worry about, as according to the method described herein exclusion order, we can easily get some of their own water purifier repair minor problems friends

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