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Why buy a water purifier reading this article silentlinstald

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   I believe that many friends with this idea, why buy a water purifier, a machine can purify water, so many years I drank tap water still is not what ah, sure is blowing. In fact, in real life there is indeed such a person, they feel that there is no such machine does not matter, he is not required to purify water and the like, so never think so. So today Xiaobian to analysis this idea just how wrong, after reading you will regret it.


   Why is the deepest in the history of routine products to buy water purification;

   you put money in the bank, you do not buy water purifier.

   your money will be lent to the bank someone else to buy water purifiers;

   others to use your money to buy a water purifier;

   Finally, you use the tap water, drinking bottled water, tap water and bottled water delivery with two water bills.

   but he took a water money, then you are sick and can not work; you are laid off, he would have earned had your job is also your salary bank loans;

   [ 123] Finally, the deposit also spent all his wife ran a fit of anger, the children have to milk money;

   After reading ask you panic do not panic!

鍑€姘村櫒 though it seems like a joke, but actually it is not; a lot of people because of this idea and makes herself caught up in the disease;

   the face of reality how many of us this menacing and domestic water pollution ? a lot of people do care about is the home water purifier products classified as "deceptive," "useless product" in the column;

   looked at these data painful, they are nothing but everyone convinced of their own home water is no problem;

   and healthy compared to what money can count it money is earned endless, but it is life can be squandered finished;? with limited life to save, cherish an infinite money!

   in the end money is our money that we are still slaves, grandson of it?

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