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Water purification industry is how major reshuffle wepurific

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   China Building Materials News: Since entering 2016, a number of water purification agents franchisee feedback, said a great competition this year, the water purifier market, sales growth is not obvious, sales at the store is not optimistic, stationed the greater the pressure store; now is the month to do activities, but sales are still stagnant, and no little passion Purchasing Guide. Competitors do every day activities, the face of such a situation, you say how can I do?

   By observing in recent months, summarize, analyze, we found that, until this year, many large scale water purification the reason why the agent franchisee operating bleak, slowly defeated in the competition, usually have the following characteristics:

   1, business water purifiers generally in more than three years, the boss at the age of 40 common or more years old and there is no successor.

   2, the first business owner to follow the old staff (usually nepotism) have left, start a business, and some even become competitors.

   3, face the challenge of newcomers, often dismissive. To boss itself.

   4, expand the scale, but still a way to manage the store 10 years ago, the family-run shop.

   5, brand awareness, but there is no brand operating experience, often by feeling things!

   6, everything has to be witnessed, do not believe outsiders.

   7, there is a breakthrough of consciousness, but did not break the determination of the outcome!

   8, have the habit of making money, not spending habits.

   9, care for immediate benefits, there is no long-term plans.

   10, studying for years, out of tune with the advanced management ideas and methods, xenophobia seriously.

   If we say that two years ago was a second-tier market water purification agents shuffle franchisee, then the county-level market in 2016 is the first year of water purification agents shuffle franchisee. With the national water purifier brand strength, such as Quan Lu, the United States, Patio, Angel, Wing exchange, net of the spring, etc., in 34 markets spread shop, competition pattern and competition in 34 markets level of fundamental change will occur, snakes blocking a national brand of revolutionary movement will gradually roll out the majority of the three or four markets. There is also a good brand business area outward expansion, water purification industry competition has been in full swing in the market at all levels.

   Water purification agents to join in the terminal market face more and more challenges, can not be alive and well, the answer is yes. The only way is to be proactive to change and break their own. Many county-level water purification agents franchisees complain that the reason a competitor, forcing himself cornered, but in fact their own beat themselves, not competitors. Even without competition, above 10 is enough to make you killed!

   Shaanxi has a water purification agents franchisee, have also thought about a breakthrough, but also used highly paid professional manager market, but the results failed, Why, because the owner of the marketing manager as executor of his own ideas, marketing manager himself did not believe that every day is doing the right thing. The results can not be good! Water purification agents franchisee breakthrough difficult, the difficulty inherent in the idea hard to break! Many water purification agents franchisees believe that doing business is to make money thing, in our view, is to spend money to do business the art of. Only consider how to put the money in his pocket, often vain to earn money. For example, some water purification agents franchisee, for many years do not advertise that advertising does not work, do not create efficiency. Indeed, in the former county-level market, when a water purifier brand is the only place you can go to local consumers to buy, when to buy a water purifier everyone should come, do not advertise, it seems not so important. But to this day, every county and county-level market towns, large and small water purification agents, distributors also have dozens, how you let consumers know you, remember you, youre the first choice is a very problem-tech.

   before we say, The pendulum has swung back and is now the leading position two or three years. Eliminate competitors do not work hard only need two or three years or even less time, and fleeting opportunity. Wei water purification agents franchisee breakthrough difficult, difficult in their own business ideas difficult to break. Many county water purification agents franchisee is owned property, they do not spend the rent, small business pressure, just a little sales, there is making money, if you ask him, which products sell well, hell tell you the feel What sells well, you ask him what is selling well, he said, anyway, to sell, what to sellm not bad!

   water purification agents franchisee breakthrough difficult, difficult to operate in the blind the feel of doing things, there is no systematic operation management system and scientific management data analysis! many employers are reluctant to admit their own business ability, insisted on their own business! but still reluctant to change. I do not want to spend moneyPlease help people change, water purifiers boss breakthrough difficult, difficult only into the money, not out of ideological hard to break! In fact, as far as I know, as a domestic first brand of straight drinking fountain net realized that the current agent after joining the business problems encountered, after entering 2016, through the hiring of elite industry sales, sales of home appliances expert, will sell as well as sales management guru Professor of Hong Kong University of science and Technology as a lecturer team set up a "net of the spring business School", a monthly for the commencement agent to provide a sound, practical terminal sales skills, if in this way to be successful, then the future is bound to the water purification industry sub-blowing surge of business schools, in general, this is a water purifier manufacturers should agent the dilemma faced by business to make a positive reflection of it.

   survival of the fittest, survival is the law of nature, water purifier retail industry is no exception, in which a revolutionary movement Battel, who can win, let us look forward to!

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