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Water purifier must be equipped with a boostpump- Consums sh

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   single installation, testing alone is important when handling consumer disputes sale of goods market regulators determine one of the bases that enable to analyze and judge the product installation time, time, cause of the malfunction such as a failure, given the specific circumstances of consumer disputes solution guide the two sides reached a mediated settlement. But when one day the judgment was based on moving the hands and feet, how the consumer rights?

   water purifier must be equipped with a booster pump?

   Ms. King recently on the Internet bought a 2,000 yuan worth of water purifiers, home installation business after, Ms. King found that the water is very small, install the master let Ms. King not to worry, saying that after three hours the water may be normal. But Ms. King waited a full three hours, the water is still very small. Ms. King to contact the merchant, the merchant allows it then buy $ 500 worth of booster pumps, Ms. King felt cheated, negotiated without result, then seek help from Xuanwu Market Authority.

   Xuanwu Market Authority after receiving complaints, immediately contact the business organization mediation. Merchant said it has informed the site to install the master-site Ms. King water pressure will be relatively small, reminded her need to install a booster pump, it is Ms. King that does not require installation can also be used, before leaving the master. Ms. Kings demand for the return, businesses that can not be met, and provided staff with the second single installation (copy), construction description says "customers do not install the pump to increase water pressure was not enough to inform customers, water small filter press cycle will be shortened "message. Merchants insisted merchandise sales page also marked the aftermarket if found insufficient water pressure, the need to purchase an additional increase of the pump, and provides related screenshots.

   uncompromising who is lying?

   the public that goes, rational woman and she said, both sides argued, complaint mediation impasse. After repeated communications, the staff found on a single installation of the "trick", the original business to provide a single installation (second joint) are consistent with other content provided by Ms. King install a single (the first joint), but nothing out of "customers do not install the pump to increase water pressure was not enough to inform customers, small hydraulic filter cycle will be shortened," these words, and this content is the key cause of both conflicts.

   speak louder than words, in asking the staff, the business has finally admitted that this passage is indeed on the construction after installation instructions make up the master wrote. In education staff, businesses recognize the serious violations of the ConsumerThe legitimate rights and interests of those fees to Ms. King apologized and offered to bear the full cost of the installation of a booster pump.

   and then turmoil, new progress in the mediation appears

   At this point I thought the mediation finally come to an end, but when staff contact Ms. King, Ms. King has said that the construction businesses unauthorized modification instructions, the merchant no longer trust, and feel that they do not see the web page instructions are also partly responsible, willing to bear half the cost of commodity price of 1,000 yuan, so that businesses return. Staff immediately persuade Ms. King told her that choice for consumers is unfair, should stand firm, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests, to minimize their losses. After serious consideration, Ms. King, endorsed the recommendation of staff, agreed to continue to use the water purifier, businesses also agreed to install a booster pump for free, and 200 yuan in cash compensation.

   For Xuanwu District, Market Authority staff highly responsible attitude and the consumer point of view the problem of caring practice, Ms. King to express my sincere thanks to specially call the government hotline 12345 to Xuanwu market supervision Bureau praise. In this market supervision departments to remind consumers, in the face of consumer disputes, have the courage to use legal weapons to protect their legitimate rights and interests together to help our consumer environment is getting better.

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