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Water purification equipment, which brand is good

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   on the market there are numerous water purification equipment, but which brands it more reliable small series to explore with you under water purification equipment, which brand




online search for "net?? water, water purification equipment "and" water purification equipment which brand is good "and other relevant keywords more and more. To people concerned about issues such as how to choose a water purifier. Xiao Bian now on water purification equipment, which brand good question given some suggestions below.


1, household water purifiers to choose the brand.


Although many household water purification equipment water purifier brand declared parameters are similar, or the most advanced technology and systems have seemingly adopted. But I still recommend choosing a guaranteed big brands. Whether the big brands in the propaganda, the effect of water purification equipment, quality and after-sales service has obvious advantages.


2, attention should be paid household water purification cartridge.


imported water purification equipment in product design, process quality is indeed better than most domestic brands, the performance of the filter element, is better than domestic brands in the same kind of filter. Such as activated carbon filters, which may be superior to adsorption effect made of activated carbon. As a result, domestic activated carbon over 2 tons of water may need to be replaced, while imports of over 3 tons of water was in need of replacement. So often filter replacement costs plus the cost of purchase, in the long run or imported water purifier to be more affordable.


3, water purifier is critical purification process.


According purification process design, water quality of tap water. Residual toxic substances in water, organic, such as pesticides, chemical materials, disinfectants and the like; inorganic, such as heavy metals, harmful minerals (arsenic, fluorine, iron, manganese, etc.); quality such complex, the need for specialized purification of water purification equipment. Therefore, from the water purification process for core, precision is more suitable for the purification process of our domestic water quality, such as high-precision purification process: ultrafiltration purification (accuracy of 0.01 m), a reverse osmosis membrane purified (accuracy of 0.0001 micron ).


If the above criteria, the company reached a certain product is good.


through these presentations, I am sure you know which brand of water purification equipment, good knowledge of it. You also promise that you will ask:? Home it is necessary to install water purification equipment household water in small series of small knowledge base to find the answer is yes, through it, you can putHeart of drinking water at home.




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