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Water pressure is too small bathing sort toolvehp-filter

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Experience tells us that after a period of renovation, faucets, showers because of the scale too much obstruction, leading to too little water, and water heaters, toilets, washing machines and other problems will arise more or less.


and can lead to poor water quality wading appliances a "life shortened" because of congestion and other issues. City water supply pipes long, in transport over Cheng Zhongrong causing secondary pollution of water, leading to the presence of impurities in tap water every household, along with the impurities in the water wading into the appliance, it is likely to cause blockage or because calcifications and affect electrical service life, reduce the efficiency of appliances.



At this time, we strongly recommend that all renovated home, are installed in tap water at home is still leading pre-filter, can effectively filter sand, but also to adjust water pressure, water for the whole house checks, shut out the pollution, the protection of the home water heaters, washing machines and other appliances wading and prolong life. What happens to it after



pre-installed filter?


prefilter coarse particulate impurities belonging to the first channel coarse filtered water purifier, can intercept and rust and sand, leaves, red worms and the like. Yet collar prefilter containing 30-50 micron fine filter, capable of removing sediment, rust, eggs and other impurities contained in the tap water, dirt resistance and strong, whole house water preliminary purification. In addition, if the water contains impurities, home appliances or wading in the course easily damaged, thereby affecting the life, therefore, after the initial pre-filter for the whole house water purification, help to protect life wading appliances do whole-house water and wading appliances "gatekeeper."



pre-filter to intercept pollutants in water, how to maintain the normal operation of regular cleaning?


Many people are worried yet collar installed a home pre-filter, regular cleaning troublesome, taking into account the problems disassembly easy to clean, yet collar inner prefilter comprising a blade, the rotating body is formed with a bottom anti-vortex flushing function, you can clean without disassembly. And the need to replace the internal filter, easy to clean, low maintenance costs, is a peoples peace of mind "gatekeeper." In addition, the collar is still pre-filter has a filtration capacity 1.5m鲁 per hour, to meet the home kitchen, bathroom, washing machines and other water needs while at the same time, does not affect the date of installationCommon water demand.



When the water pressure increases, this small filter can withstand it?


Leading Noble prefilter with a high strength filter housing, exceeds the burst pressure 100bar or more, and is injection molded integrally, and the gap itself superfluous seams do not exist, the possibility of bursting is very small. External configuration of the precision pressure gauges, water pressure can understand the current real-time, in time to avoid danger.


To prevent wading home appliances due to clogging, the water pressure fails such problems, installation of a prefilter or a good necessary. Collar having a still clean prefilter easy removal, compression and explosion, etc., purification from the source, the shut contamination, installation more secure.

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