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Not the more thbetter purwater minal connt is nobet

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Water is the source of human life. But drinking water is not better, when drinking too much water, water intake exceeds the bodys ability to displacement of hyponatremia. Although water poisoning chance is very low, but we must be careful to drink plenty of water hazards caused by misunderstanding.


5 water Mistakes


a, 5 Mistakes drink


1, water is not better


Adults of at least 2500 ml per day to consume the water, which are not all "drinking" go Oh! In fact, our food already contains a lot of water, such as vegetables, 90% water, 80% moisture fruit, fish and meat also contains 70% water. Remove these, we drank 1500 ml of water a day will be enough of it! Otherwise extremes meet, will increase the burden on the kidneys.


2, water is not pure enough


Many people believe that water pure enough. In fact, long-term drinking water causes the body to malnutrition. A lot of drinking pure water will take away the body of useful trace elements, thereby reducing the bodys immune system, easily lead to disease. Because the bodys fluids is slightly alkaline, while pure water was acidic, weakly acidic if long-term drinking water, the in vivo environment will be destroyed. In addition, long-term drinking water will increase the loss of calcium. For many older people believe that water pure enough. In fact, long-term drinking water causes the body to malnutrition. A large number of clean drinking water, the elderly, especially those who suffer from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, elderly and children, pregnant women should not be long-term consumption.


3. The mineral content is not better


contains some mineral water because the human body needs minerals and loved. Many consumers believe that the mineral content the higher the better, it does not. Minerals in drinking water should contain the right amount and balance, but the high mineral content does not fully explain the strong vitality of water. On the contrary, when the mineral content in water exceeded, but also endanger human health. For example, when the iodide content in drinking water of 0.02 mg / l to 0.05 mg / l beneficial to humans, is greater than 0.05 mg / liter thrown iodine poisoning.


4, 8 glasses of water a day really want it


Scientists say all day shoveling or sipping water on health has not been a clear benefit. So, the standard eight glasses of water a dayMotion suggests they come from? Kidney expert at the University of Pennsylvania Stanley Gode Fabuboshi said: "No one exactly knows."


5, drink plenty of water to remove toxins?


We kidneys filter blood circulation toxins and toxins through the urine. But the problem is an excess of water every day and really improve kidney function? "Can not," Goldfarb said, "In fact, drink plenty of water can surprisingly reduce the filtering capacity of the kidneys, although this decline slightly, but it does exist."


Second, the time is right to drink [ 123]

   1, after getting up:


   the morning after an appropriate amount of drink more water, may compensate for the consumption of water at night, prevention of hypertension, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral thrombosis formation has a certain role.


   2, about 1 hour before meals:


   Fasting water for about one hour before a meal, the moisture content is added to the body tissue, the body need for water supply, is necessary to ensure that secretion and enough digestive juice, to promote appetite and help digestion and absorption, and can not affect the physiological water content in tissue cells, also avoid drinking water before going to sleep, thirst, leading to urinate, swollen eyes the next day and so on.


   3, morning, afternoon workshops Hugh: drink plenty of water during the


   work, you can add moisture due to the work of sweat and excreted in the urine, and the accumulation of body waste would therefore smoothly discharged.


   4, after get off work:


   before leaving the office to drink a glass of water, can increase satiety.


   5, 2 to 3 hours before bedtime:


   This time water can dilute the blood, accelerating the blood circulation.




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