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Winter is the peak season promotion waterurifienprises shoul

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   winter, many dealers lamented businesses have suffered, immediately it seems to have entered into the water purifier "winter." In actual fact, look for subjective reasons, or water purifier dealers the ability to adapt is not strong, that it can not accurately grasp the opportunity, falling regret.




Winter is the peak season promotion water purifier enterprises should change their concepts (Source network)

   selected in line with market demand for products

   winter due to cold weather, reducing the amount of body water, but the demand for hot water than usual large. Greater demand for water purifiers heating. Therefore, water purification agents franchisee in the winter can focus on selling water purification products with a heating function, and now a lot of water purifier manufacturers have production drink straight.

   and make a return visit for the core telephone services

   water purification agents franchisee you know, for the core is an income. The cartridge is a consumable requires regular replacement. The winter a lot of people do not pay attention and maintenance of water purifiers. At this time, a multi-agency franchisee can call their own consumers, the use of water purifiers advice, ask if you want to replace the filter. If necessary, of course, good. Even if there is no demand, but also to enhance the emotional proxy franchisees and consumers, why not do it? Do not underestimate the filter replacement costs add up is a considerable income.

   make portfolio sales

   in one product alone is difficult to impress consumers, this time we need product portfolio. The large differences in product sales can be combined, for example kitchen water purifier can drink straight combination. With the product portfolio, perhaps to arouse consumer desire to buy. Meanwhile, the portfolio might send some small gifts, such as water quality detector, TDS pens and the like. Know faiths, natural to win the hearts of consumers.

   holiday promotions

   is also an excellent off-season to do some promotion. For example, in the New Year period, and as in years ago, many migrant workers return home, you can do promotions. Years later, there are many young people want to get married or buy a new house, this time you can also launch promotional activities.

   we have to drink water every day, so we have a large number of water purifiers need to use. So do not simply blamed the poor sales season, to learn to change the way, look for business opportunities, learn skills, good business sense and service!

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