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Shanghai, April air purifiers show as clean breath -find way

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   Third China (Shanghai) International air purification products and technology exhibition in April 2016 22-24 at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. 2016 marks the beginning Thirteen Five year plan, more beautiful China and other policies to promote the implementation of key nexus year. Improve the deteriorating working and living room environment, improve the quality of life, effective prevention and management of indoor air quality has become the urgent needs of many families in our country.

   In recent years, our country has maintained an air purifier sales of 30% -35% growth in 2015, our air purifier industry market size exceeded 600 billion yuan next three years will reach 10 billion yuan market scale , gave birth to a huge market demand for air purification industry blowout development. The exhibition will showcase cutting-edge field of air purification technologies and products for Chinese and foreign air purification industrys top trade exchange platform set up to promote the healthy and rapid development of my countrys environmental pollution control industry.




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   Chinese famous brand exhibition --2016 China (Shanghai) International high-end water purifier and joined the same period in exhibition held at the Shanghai exhibition Center 22-24 April 2016, the exhibition organized by the China Association of international Trade, the Asian economic and trade development promotion center, nutrition and health industry in Asia Association, Guangdong radio and television exhibition-channel, positive and Guangzhou exhibition services Ltd. joint held.

   Third China (Shanghai) International air purification products and technology exhibition, China (Shanghai) International high-end water purifier to join the exhibition and create a safe, healthy, energy-saving, environmental protection, comfortable breathing and drinking water environment, to build for businesses and consumers a chance to meet face to face to share, at the same time invited the national and Shanghai local agents, franchisees and suppliers to visit the exhibition to discuss docking.

   Show attract the best from around the country to participate in environmental protection enterprises, including Guizhou Fu Gui Jiang Investment Management Co., Ltd. Taiwan Branch mineral water, too Hangzhou Long Environmental Technology Limited, Shanghai crown purification materials Co., Ltd. (Head Office) , Shanghai I to network Technology Co., Shenzhen Fountain of environmental Protection Technology Co., oxygen, water purification Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai-Tianjin, Wuhan non-interference purification dust pollution industry Co., Ltd. and so on.

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