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Wahaha Robust Bottled water we can drink substandardater

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   Recently, the State Food and Drug Supervision Administration announced the second phase of this years 19 categories of food additives and food supervision and sampling information. Bottles (barrels) over the issue of microbial installed drinking water, purified water is still more prominent, the failure rate of more than two percent, 791 kinds of various types of beverages traced to failure, in which purified drinking water, natural mineral water, other bottles (barrels) drinking water samples, sample testing failed to reach 775 kinds, accounting for 97.97%. Substandard samples, there are some Robust, Huiyuan, Wahaha, Yi Bao, and other famous brand products. Food Drug Administration has ordered the relevant provinces and cities, to investigate and punish substandard products and businesses.

濞冨搱鍝堜箰鐧炬皬妗惰姘翠笉鍚堟牸 鎴戜滑杩樿兘鍠濅粈涔堟按

substandard brand of bottled water can drink what

   In todays materialistic society, many businesses make money is evil, and they buried their own conscience and disregard public health produce substandard national standard products, outrageous!

   water is our life indispensable resource, bottled water is often visible in the office, people depend on the water is very high office, if we use it every day substandard water, the more serious the consequences can be imagined, to this end, I hope the departments concerned to conduct a thorough investigation of this matter, the relevant enterprises punish!

   purified water, mineral water 鈮?health water

   based on healthy water to clean water, safe water, based on the new concept but is different from the former two. Shall have the following seven criteria as a complete concept of healthy water:... 1 does not contain toxic to humans, harmful substances and odor; 2 moderate the water hardness; 3 moderate body minerals; value was 4.PH neutral or slightly alkaline; 5 moderate dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide; 6 small water molecules, human cells readily absorbed by;. 7 physiological function, water, such as permeability, solubility, metabolic strong force.

   Health water or clean water, safe water, the key to three points: first, there is no pollution, means water must be non-toxic, harmless, no smell; the second is in line with human physiological needs, finger water containing some useful mineral, PH value is neutral or slightly alkaline; the third, refers to water having vitality.

   only satisfy the first condition the water is clean water, pure water mostly this category; water satisfies the first and second conditions are safe water, mineral water mostly this kind; only 3 strip both before they can be called healthy water.

濞冨搱鍝堜箰鐧炬皬妗惰姘翠笉鍚堟牸 鎴戜滑杩樿兘鍠濅粈涔堟按

In the picture below, the more uptake of

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