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Quality regulations become more stringent alert water purifi

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   With the development of water purification industry, bringing not only the industrys prosperity, but also brought a fierce competition and a variety of negative phenomena caused thereby. No matter what kind of water purification products, which are closely related to peoples lives. It is reported, however, the market, water purifier product sampling "quality gates" also occur frequently. Recently, the State Administration of Quality Supervision issued a "national product quality supervision and inspection of substandard products manufacturer after processing requirements," the announcement, and the new regulations will be formally implemented July 1. The "National pumping new regulations," the introduction will be beneficial to standardize chaos all walks of life, and for the water purification industry, is also a wake-up call and a warning.


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quality control requirements become more stringent alert water purifier business needs based on product quality (Source network)

   First, the "new rules" alert issued purifier companies

   announcement, said: in order to urge enterprises to implement the main responsibility for product quality, standardized product quality supervision and spot checks substandard products manufacturer follow-up processing, enhance the effectiveness of supervision and inspection work. It is understood that "national product quality supervision and inspection of substandard products manufacturer after the processing of the provisions of" standardized scope, authority and responsibilities of the job content and procedures as well as the relevant law enforcement authorities.

   Meanwhile, the "new rules" also sets strict requirements for manufacturers substandard products: from substandard products manufacturer shall receive "national product quality supervision order rectification notice" and, according to rectification requirements and the causes of substandard products after processing department proposed to develop reform proposals, according to the following requirements to complete the rectification within 30 days and submit a rectification report after processing department, made application for review. For after review still unqualified after treatment department shall order the enterprises suspend business for rectification within 30 days; after expiry of consolidation after further review still unqualified, should inform the industry and commerce administration departments and other relevant administrative license revocation of the relevant certificates. For water purification industry, no doubt sounded the alarm to the enterprise, therefore, in product quality, water purification companies should be attached considerable importance to the job.

   Second, the water purifier business needs based on product quality

   In the context of an increasingly competitive market, companies will face a reshuffle water purifier, relying on low-cost in exchange for more of a low quality, and in market competition, product quality can not be guaranteedIt will be eliminated by the market. Therefore, the water purifier business is not just to deceive temporary profits, product quality should be considered from the perspective of long-term operation and development. Increasingly stringent regulations on the quality control of the market, companies need to make quality work.

   In the opinion of experts on water purifiers, water purifiers is to ensure quality long-term business survival and development of fundamental, is the lifeblood of business. The greatest concern is the quality of consumer water purifier, therefore, water purifier manufacturers want access to consumers, we need based on product quality, continue to spur and improve themselves.

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