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Reverse osmosis water purifi unlock new univsal validity ind

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   from March 1 implementation of the 2018 "Water efficiency labeling management approach", to November, the official implementation of the "reverse osmosis water purifier water efficiency and water efficiency rating limit" the new national standard, clean water, "water efficiency "State policy has risen to new heights," water efficiency "has become an important indicator of reverse osmosis water purification product testing eligibility. However, according to the relevant research data show that although the water purifier appliance category has been familiar, but most people on the "water-efficient" new concept still poorly understood.



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   The reverse osmosis water purification unit "water effect" universal

   authoritative data show that , reverse osmosis water purification and water purification effect due to its superior long filter life, has occupied 80% of the market share of the water purifier, the main theme of the RO membranes reverse osmosis water purification art. But the principle of reverse osmosis water purifier and water efficiency concepts such as product knowledge, but most consumers do not understand.

   In theory, the flow pattern of water flow is a high concentration of low-concentration, reverse osmosis water purification unit in the RO water, the high concentration of the raw water, the water concentration is low compared to pure water. Raw water level will form a pressure difference between pure water and the liquid surface, so as to achieve osmotic equilibrium. After the RO membrane is a high concentration of the low concentration water into the process water, but in normal circumstances is generally not possible, additional pressure is applied to achieve. This is the working principle of reverse osmosis water purifier.

   In fact, during operation of a reverse osmosis water purification, the water purifier after the front end to the multi-stage reverse osmosis membrane filter, impurities bacteria, and other organic matter is greater than 0.0001 micron reverse osmosis membrane rejection, allowing only water molecules, produced water is the pure water drinkable. Be cut off for harmful substances are trapped in the membrane RO membrane, discharged through the wash water filter function in time, usually we call "waste."

   Therefore, even if the RO reverse osmosis water purification technology is more advanced in the field of technology, but there are still problems of waste water, inevitable and utilization of water resources is very low. Currently available conventional reverse osmosis water purifiers generally maintained at 1: 3 ratio of pure waste water, or even lower, which means that a glass of water every three cups of filter would produce waste water, water waste.

   Water efficiency standards November newly executed into effect five water,From the stages 1 through 5 were 60%, 55%, 50%, 45% and 35%, wherein the level 5 is the net rate of red water aquaculture, i.e., after the reverse osmosis purification system, the total net amount of water of the total into the water ratio of not less than 35%, reverse osmosis water purification to provide consumers to buy a new purchase criteria reference.

   high water efficiency Patio visible

   driven by national policy, many brands of water purification are carried out in-depth technical research, and strive to seize the initiative in future space development. As a leading brand in China in the field of water purification, Patio water purifier water-saving technology in the continuous efforts, continue to break industry pain points, reverse osmosis water purifier high wastewater, and constantly innovative technology to enhance the competitive advantage of the brand, leading the industry saving water technology upgrades to high water efficiency, high-quality products to win consumer recognition.

   Patio firmly seize this opportunity to upgrade innovation, independent research and development of water-saving technology patents at the same time a substantial increase in net aquatic water rates, technological developments will extend the water industry to a new height, more than its product have reached a water-efficiency standards, and through the new national standards testing, water purifier brand to become the first test of the new national standard.

   wherein the water purifier Patio KRL2803 particularly well to achieve a much higher than the national standard high water efficiency. Under the new national standard introduced water efficiency standards, a reverse osmosis water purification products meet water efficiency required to achieve pure aquatic water rate of 60%. And tested, pure water aquatic Patio KRL2803 rate reached 71.7%, pure waste ratio of 2.5: 1, 2.5L water per filtered off, will produce only 1L wastewater, water purification effect can be seen intuitively, far better than the market ordinary reverse osmosis water purification products, as many water purification products in the industry leader, to lead a new industry benchmark for clean water again.

   industry commentators have said: "The new national standard will eliminate a lot of those high water consumption of water purification products, water purifier manufacturers to guide technological innovation, further rectify the water industry, but also from the water efficiency the angle for consumers to unlock the optional reverse osmosis water purifier new index, while innovation can seize this opportunity to upgrade the brand, will be able to come to the fore in the new round of reshuffle in the industry to provide consumers with more water-efficient, better quality the product "

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