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The key question reference point when purchasing waterurific

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  The key question reference point when purchasing water purification equipment http: //www.js.hc360.com2019骞?at 09:59 on April 28 Source: Quick News T


   HC purification network today to recommend several reference point, hoping to help you.

   1, the basic water purification equipment

   especially for home improvement now more popular whole house water purification, it is basically a pre-filter, the center of the net water, central water softener and drink straight four-part; not more devices connected to the filter, the more thoroughly. You need a lot of equipment combinations, technically not mature enough.

   2, the cartridge selection

   purifier is divided into microfiltration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis are three filter from low to high precision, within the ordinary water purifier microfiltration filter , generally only larger suspended solids by filtration, deodorization. Ultrafiltration water purifier filter effects in the middle position, high-precision filter reverse osmosis water purifier, water purification effect is good, owner of electrical appliances such as individual enterprises is double reverse osmosis membrane water purifiers, water purification effect is more prominent.

   3, water purifiers and more expensive the better

   Some businesses use to buy expensive consumer not to buy cheap psychology, so blind to raise prices, so that your product is not necessarily good to choose according to their needs. According to the budget can first demand, high-middle and low brand filter, and then according to the water quality residential communities, household size, housing area and its own requirements for water purification, the reference brand design team program to determine the final purchase equipment.

   4, health function of water purifier

   and some water purifier manufacturers to seize the hearts of the elderly health and longevity, it is recommended purifier has the effect of health care, do not be fooled , only water purification filter function, you heard who drink plenty of water to drink marching.

   5. The outer tank purifier using a reverse osmosis membrane purification effect is good, but the corresponding rate will be a bit slower water, part of the water purifier brands in order to improve the speed, the use of storage tank design, long-term use will inevitably cause secondary pollution, so I chose the time to ask whether the detailed design of storage tank.

   4. The net rate of domestic waste water most of the water purifier will have a waste water output, but different different brands of water purifiers, waste water rate, the price of water more expensive, should pay special attention to when buying a net wasteThe proportion of water quality, as we choose saving type water purifier or no waste water purification

   5. look at certain different regions is not the same quality, if it is drinking, and select reverse osmosis or nanofiltration unit, such as tap water is indeed very good and very stable, also optional ultrafiltration. For relatively hard water quality in northern areas, special washing routine, can be considered soft water, calcium and magnesium ions can be filtered off, to prevent scale formation. High organic matter and colloids tap water, surface water such as tap water made the south, the central water purifier should be used. The multi-sediment water, without water, or when, the pre-filter is required.

   7. Unmissable brand water purifier water purifier brand and quality of quite a few, well-known brands of products, often several aspects of quality and after-sales are doing more successful, generally can be assured to choose. And some brands of products, or fake and shoddy products, is simply unacceptable, no access to relevant state departments certification, so this product not to buy, not freeloaders, or luck and so on.


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