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Water purification agents to enhance the performancofhd offr

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   coming on to 2017, some time away from the New Year, many people will choose to go home. And back home, many people will inevitably buy some gifts. Now every New Year, there will be a lot of people choose to buy water purification products, household water purifiers can purify water, protect drinking water health family. Buy water purifier, not just limited to gifts, many consumers at the end of a strong economic strength, will choose to buy a home water purifier installed. It also fully reflects, in fact, is a water purifier industry sales during the Spring Festival small peak. Faced with this good sales season, water purification agents franchisees want to improve the performance of the end need to do it? What water purification agents franchisee can do in the end?



   The first one: do delivery planning

   before the New Year, we must do delivery planning. If you own storefront to sell products more popular, it should more than pick up, reserved for reserves. If you own stores to sell products is not particularly good, you need to pick up the actual situation. In short, pick it to do what, to grasp fully stocked and inventory pressure balance. Now water purification industry due to raw material prices led to rising prices, to deal with the peak season, we recommend that the majority of water purification agents to join as soon as possible inventory.

   Second: You can think of a way to make water purification project

   At the end, there will be some enterprises, schools and hospitals have water purification project. If the water purification agents to join a strong marketing capability, it may take a number of water purification project. As a large profit, and secondly, they expand their profit channels. Engineering programs in this area, we need water purification agents franchisees understand the knowledge of water purification project, be sure to choose the right commercial water purification products.



   Third: make inquiries and visit services

   water purification agents franchisee can call their own users at the end, or visit . He asked whether there aftermarket demand. If any, water purification agents franchisee must do service. Know, also a sum for the core source of profit. Whenever possible, water purification agents franchisee service can not be lost, especially in sales by the end of a critical moment.

   Fourth: promotional

   promotional years ago is indispensable. In the year there will be a lot of marriage, new home decoration, such groups is a potential customer. Water purification agents franchiseePromotional activities must be done, and step up publicity to enhance visibility and influence events. Do activities, it is recommended purifier agent franchisee advance planning, so as to ensure the effectiveness of activities.



   Fifth: good publicity and expense management

   at the end of the year, we must do a good job managing expenses, on the one hand is good spending budget, and the other On the one hand is cost savings. At the same time, water purification agents franchisee can not relax promotion, advertising-related store needs to be done, micro-channel marketing, banner ads, brochures, exhibition stands, wall advertising, do as much as possible, only to do a big publicity, net water proxy franchisee late to do the business open.

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