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Water purifiers to upgrade the young consum market or intohm

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   Under the current consumption structure upgrading and transformation of the environment, consumers are looking not just the price, but rather the quality, service, experience and other more diversified reference standard. Especially when groups of young people gradually become the main force of consumption, they showed more strong purchasing power, as well as more personal appeal for deeper interest in mining performance, which also contributed to the major areas of brand rejuvenation upgrade.

   This is naturally no exception in the field of hot water purifier, the market trend has already highlighted the younger upgrade, big brands have moves to consolidate the advantages of the new brand trying to attract attention of young people, who did not dare slack.

   Some experts pointed out that in the context of the entire market consumption upgrade, aimed at young consumers in this segment population, in multiple product, promotion, channels, etc., have shown many transformative trends . The market has annual sales of hundreds of billions of scale, complete with the possibility to cultivate the order of business of BAT, and a huge number of brands in the war, only to follow the market changes brand to be able to successfully break.

   what products popular?

   At present, the market is gradually formed the development of differentiation for different types of people and different areas of automotive, commercial and other children, pregnant women and other products have been listed. At the same time, young consumers preferences determine the value of high Yan, powerful, excellent prices of products have become sought after market trend lies.

   This change also determines the international big is gradually "fall from grace", but rather the product to force a showdown, therefore, as some "Young Circle" successfully continued to maintain a leading position in the sales list Opportunity.

   Throughout the outside of the entire market, index parameters increasingly high demand, product upgrades at the market rate is also significantly speed up fermentation.

   = promotion of "throwing money"?

   In addition to the high demands on product quality, fit only mode of transmission of the young tonality of the moment was easy to resonate and accepted.

   First, at the level of content, add various forms of dissemination star, fun posters and other elements of the second element, such as viral video even more rich, authoritative evaluation is also an important reference for higher gold content.

   and in the marketing platform, in addition to television advertising, video sites and other delivery platforms, new media, KOL and other channels are rapidly driving branding effect.

   At the same time compared to advertising, word of mouth spread among young people the effect is more accurate, more advantages. In the case did not do any publicity, with the rapid spread of influence in the industrys reputation lap and covered market.

   channels go from here?

   the mobile Internet era, offline channels are turning to online, especially in young users, the business platform of young people buy water purifiers and other home appliances preferred. At the same time

   channels diversified in terms of geographic market coverage, water purifiers and more in the second and third tier cities sink market, both in the scale of rapid growth.

   demographic dividend is no longer in the environment, plus the younger market trends, the future, to solve the serious product homogeneity, pricing system disorder and other issues, improve the national health conscious breathing, are key enterprises need to think about otherwise, chaos will only exacerbate the industry ills become shackles and market development.

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