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The Application of ultrafiltration membnes iwer ement techno

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  On the ultrafiltration membrane technology in water treatment application time: 2017-05-25 17:23:38



ultrafiltration membrane technology is the most mature and advanced technique. Hollow fiber diameter: 0.5-2.0 mm, inner diameter: 0.3-1.4mm, covered with a microporous hollow fiber wall, an aperture to be able to express the molecular weight of retentate, molecular weight cutoff up to several thousand to hundreds of thousands. Raw water or lumen of the hollow fiber outside of the forced flow, respectively, constitute the external pressure and internal pressure. Ultrafiltration is a dynamic filtering process, are retained material can be concentrated with a small negative, without clogging the membrane surface, long-term continuous operation. Polymer membrane ultrafiltration membrane is one of the earliest development.



Ultrafiltration is widely used in water purification, solution was separated, concentrated, and extract useful substances from waste water, reuse of waste water purification of high-tech fields. Characterized by using a simple process, without heating, energy conservation, low voltage operation, a small footprint device.


B Bili intelligent sterile water dispenser, five filters, ultra-built filter, to achieve four functions:



1 sterile: 鈼?using tap water disinfection and the line, and the line leading to ensure sterility.


鈼?using water overnight discharge timing of the fresh water, sterile.


2, intelligent: 鈼?piping system and automatic faucet disinfection, intelligent control, without manual.


鈼?automatically discharge water overnight, eliminating manual maintenance, efficient and convenient.


鈼?automatic water, automatic heating, precise temperature control, intelligent control not open water dry out.


鈼?user-settable switch time.


鈼?a sterile key, and the remote control may be.


3, filter flushing: 鈼?timing rinsed ultra filter, ultra filter without clogging protection.


鈼?ultra filter may be a remote control key flush function.


4, filter replacement reminder: 鈼?water filter cartridge automatically displayed, reaches the set value, alert for the core.


鈼?after for the core, can be a key remote control "for the core" function (net amount of water clearing)

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