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Wright told the agent when agtrap water purifier count

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2015 water purifier market can be described as a meteoric rise, water purifier manufacturers have sprung up to take out the water purification industry momentary fame. And the same time, water purifier manufacturers are all sorts of tricks from various quarters Xian Yi, hoping to attract the majority of franchisees to join the agencys own water purification products, but many of them there are all kinds of pitfalls.


lay watch, experts see Road, purification agents to join the same. Do some research, do some investigation and selection, insufficient to support a dream to succeed. So how pitfalls exist in todays water purifier market it? How can we identify these traps? Let Xiaobian to help you.

   First, the vigilance of the most common water purification agents to join insider scam. The most common is the provision of false qualifications, the most important qualification is wading water purifier document, there are nearly 5000 water purifier brand, but there are less than 1,000 wading documents relating to the brand, so a lot of the manufacturers take the counterfeit production the practice of this document. Here I want to remind affiliation, be sure to inspect water purifier brand into whether the national health permit manufacturers to change public inquiry website genuine document.

   Second, in the form of small workshops, water purification products shoddy. Most water purifier brand and not the actual production plants, and some are looking for manufacturers or OEM processing, small workshops in delivery time, will replace parts, shoddy; in terms of return, full of promise you can return, however, the practice is to improve the return threshold, increase the cost of returns and prevarication and delay return.

   Third, fake foreign devil, false imports. Water purifier market in China is only a small part of a truly international brand, most of the rest are gorgeous packaging. Identification method is to query the water purifier brand of this document, see if there are imported trademarks, or chose to national brands now!

   Fourth, multi-brand operation type water purifier. Practices are generally first as the main brand, there is a corresponding documents behind the brand comes as no relevant documents; followed by a shared office space, divided into the same product branding foreign investment. The purpose is obvious, is not a waste of resources to come to counseling clients, a city can recruit a few franchisees;

   water purification agents to join the market hot, but also to avoid the pitfalls. In selecting water purifier to join the agency, must be "a look at two selected three visits four toThe more. "Choose your own strength while the corresponding brand water purifier to join in accordance with, should also pay attention to join the strength and long-term development, foresight, there will be considerable growth.

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