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Water purifier in the end is harmful obeneficialt

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   Current home water purifier comprises a water supply directly by people drink straight and pure water. Drinking water purified water containing certain minerals, and because the use of RO water for reverse osmosis, almost all the minerals in the water filtered out. However, not harmful to the human body to drink this water. Water is a human major role in the promotion of human metabolism in vivo, not to the human body provide nutrition, mineral intake mainly by diet. Not because I wanted to mineralization purification is unwise.


   on the market are made of bottled water and bottled RO reverse osmosis technology to produce, almost everyone drink bottled water or bottled water, never heard of because of drinking water caused by rickets cases. So, home water purifier purified pure water without any harm to the human body, but rather some household water purifier filter performance is not good, but harm the human body. So the purchase of household water purifiers, be sure to select high-quality water purifier brand.

   The benefits of drinking water purifier

   1, after the water boil, still can not remove the scale, heavy metals, volatile substances and bacterial contamination of carcasses and so on.

   2, then bottled water dispenser, the high cost, short period, more susceptible to secondary pollution.

   3, the high cost of bottled water is not suitable for everyday family use.

   4, using the water purifier can effectively filter all kinds of pollutants, to achieve the standard drink, and relatively low cost.

   How to choose the water purifier

   1 for local water

   principles of purification treatment of water by way of the terminal, to filter harmful materials to human body, purification the effect of water quality. According to different water quality throughout, water purifiers functional design is also different. A vast territory, water vary greatly, generally north hard water and impurities, with advanced filter should buy water purifier softener or an ion exchange resin cartridge; southern soft quality, severe secondary pollution and heavy metal, high water quality requirements of families can buy pure water, local water quality is better if you can choose ultrafiltration machine.

   2. Recognition of water or drinking water purpose is domestic water.

   General domestic water can be selected for whole house water purification methods, such as the central home water purifier, etc. filtration of whole house. Whole house water purification system during the decoration on the need to pre-discharge tube, not only need to consider the amount of water it is important that water effects.Drinking water does not require pre-discharge, there are many options and matching, such as the pre-purifier water purifier + + five leading water purifier, a water purifier or a pre-+ RO RO water purifiers, according to the family demand for flexible combinations to achieve the best cleaning results.


   3, water purifier brand understanding and qualification

   water purifier market brand flowers are blooming, in the end what a good brand, consumers can see from the start with well-known brands, such as US water purifier, Angel water purifier brand is well-known brands of domestic water purifier. If you are unfamiliar brand, may wish to check the water purifier and proof of qualification test report to see if the brand endorsement of the national department of health permits, whether through the national technical supervision departments identification, in line with the national "drinking water water quality standards. " This is to ensure regular water purifier to buy the necessary conditions.

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