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Shenzhen- households drink tap water smell supermarket minal

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  Shenzhen: households drink tap water smell of supermarket mineral water stock: Tim net water purification Views: 864 Published: 2014-8-14 11:44:50 Yesterday, in a Washington Olin residents of the home, due to the unpleasant smell in tap water she did not dare to wash the dishes. Stink stage arrayed in bottles of water. The incident Longgang Town Center Area Water Company, said the event is a blind pipe water from flowing back into the pipe network lead to the beginning of the previous night to yesterday, the Shenzhen Longgang Town Center Area has a million residents found the home tap water has a strong smell, like a drainage ditch taste, cook some residents take a bath have used this water, so very anxious for their own health, yesterday, due rushed to buy, pure water out of stock situation also appears in the film area. According to introduction Longgang Eaux, the water smell is due to appear last night, love the Area bassoon repair, water pipe blind "accidentally" fell to flow into the pipe network, causing water quality changes, the so-called blind pipe water is water official website has not been put into use the water pipe network, the pipe network water is not flowing, the smell will breed. Smelly water bath to eat with the start of the previous evening, in Longgang Town Center Area, Sunshine Tianjian City, Olin Washington, Yishanjun and other residents have discussed their own out of the stinking water, many of them are in the bath when found strange odor in tap water present. According to Olin living in Washington introduced Schilling, the day before yesterday evening found the odor of tap water when bathing her husband, Ms. Lin was not even believe that this is a problem shampoo, after changing a bottle of shampoo, body odor still husband failed to digestion. After the familys scrutiny, finally found the problem lies in the water body. "We installed a bottle of water carefully smell, that smell very smelly, like the water in the gutter." Schilling retained day before yesterday evening to reporters tops view water mineral water bottle, open the bottle to reporters smelt like toilet cleaner taste. Just take a bath, many residents in yesterdays breakfast was also drinking the water. Sunshine City Tianjian Wang said, because they did not pay attention to the problem of water when the elderly do breakfast, which estimated the water to flow into the belly, I feel nausea, fear there will be discomfort. Yishanjun Ms Tsang said he played with such tap water to drink milk, the kind of smell completely hide the bean flavor. Supermarket mineral water sold out of stock until yesterdayMorning, the film area is still part of the district there is the smell of tap water. 10:21, Shenzhen micro-Bo Hall said, Longgang District Center City part of the district issued a very strong odor of tap water, get up early to go to work seriously affecting peoples normal life. By consulting Longgang Town Center des Eaux, is to inform the municipal water supply. Residents learned from this preliminary official, the cause of the odor of tap water, but they choose to purchase a large number of pure water. Olin in Washington, there is heavy rain deliveryman to give bottled water district, near PARKnSHOP supermarket mineral water has been sold out before 8:00 am. Longgang Town Center more acceptable odor water district have received a notice yesterday at 3 pm, the water supply can be restored to normal. But they are still reluctant to use tap water, in Schillings home, she intends to use mineral water to wash the dishes, not daring to turn on the tap water purifier, for fear of contamination to the filter. Longgang des Eaux: water pipe blind backflow caused by yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to Longgang Eaux deep water, they said the companys 24-hour service hotline at 10 pm the day before began to receive users reflect the tap water smell of telephone complaints after they organized people to find the reason, after examination, mainly due to love August 12 afternoon with Area dn300 pipe burst pipe occurred, shut down repair municipal dn800 main pipe, causing the blind pipe water back, causing water quality changes, resulting in partial Area Center City tap water unpleasant smell in the company from 12 at night to carry out a large number of water discharge pipe network, tested, treated water and water pipe network are in line with national drinking water standards. They are currently responsible person immediately arrange for customer service to the affected area to take evacuation measures, arrangements for water quality testing personnel to collect water samples, testing again, while enhancing the overall water quality monitoring center of the city. Director of Longgang, Shenzhen Water Group deepwater Service Center, said Wang Dong, the equivalent of the blind pipe water pipe network in the broken road, and theres no water flow. Was closed overhaul of a main pipe, causing a reversal in the flow of the pipeline network, these dead water into the pipe network, pipeline network fast flow rate, the pipe network to bring a lot of blind pipe water. Because some cells have their own storage facilities, the present work is to continue to discharge treated water, the water pipe network in the update, the odors fade slowly. Wang Dong said that the current bacteriological tests take 24 hours before there will be results, but if the smell of tap water or drink better. Yesterday, Longgang District, Environmental Protection and Water Authority said that it would urge the Longgang Eaux perfect job, but rankingPeople for publishing information the government is too slow is still dissatisfied, and this can not drink the water in the end, hope to have a more accurate answer. Tim net water purification remind the general public, even if the pollution can not be used, but in the use of mineral water or bottled water should be taken to avoid secondary pollution problems, especially bottled water, a lot of people are in the procurement, which are some there are businesses in order to reap huge profits for bottled water is not thoroughly disinfected and used directly. Water pollution incident is that we can not predict, but we can prevent in advance, water purifier it is advantageous weapons, Tim net water purifier has multiple series of products that can solve the problem of water that may arise, comprehensive protection of the family health water!

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