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Ushered in a second spring water purifi marketegment develop

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   Although Internet companies in recent years, frequently overweight purifier sector, but added Internet companies, but also from the other hand to promote the brand of water purification processes. According to the relevant insiders, as the traditional home appliance companies and Internet giants have entered the water purifier market will present some new scenes.


   water purifier accelerate "second growth" trend of a new round of reshuffle segments

   "clear-shore green" birth of the industry has already spread to the field of home appliances. And environmental protection equipment gradually moving towards high-end trend is somewhat different, because the water purifier outlet on the station, competition, water purification industry in 2018 how to get there? Many people in the industry pointed out that fine points are currently the main way out, in addition to improve the quality of drinking water, water purification products much space to play.

   2016, the first year of the water environment governance, water purifiers experienced secondary shuffle to re-enter the growing number of brands in the market competition of exponential growth. According to domestic institutions predict that the water purifier brand has grown from the pin to the end of more than a dozen 2017-5000. In the traditional home appliances brand increasingly being pushed out of the water purifier than a number of Internet companies have also entered the water purifier market.


   In this regard, there are also public opinion, Internet companies to launch more water purification equipment is the story of the flood control outlet conceptually. Sales data from the public point of view, in the "Internet +", networking, under the influence of big data, the user needs to become the only way to win the brand, product quality will continue to be selected by the user of the water purifier core elements. But there are also Internet companies will pack up and squeeze tier brands, many brands do not have their own research and development, the use of foundry forms, with the most basic of evolution is then synthesized OEM sales. This brand of technical barriers will have some gaps, but the Internet is also thinking to meet the development trend of the industry to some extent.

   water purifier is attractive to so many players admission, because of its high price and relatively low cost. Thus, the water purification industry is also commonly regarded as the industry "profiteering" industry. But the opposite is true, gross profit water purification equipment is with reduced competition. Not many domestic professional water purifier brand and the traditional home appliance brand to enter the field of water purification equipment a few years ago, when hundreds of million of imported water purifier is also very much, but after rapid growth in recent years and squeeze the market, basedThis on more than 3000 yuan can buy brings a touch of water purifiers. Which should include research and development, operations, sales and marketing costs, profit is very thin.

   market and profit margins are squeezed at the same time, water purifier also influenced by "the peoples livelihood glass", is to usher in the second reshuffle. From the channel perspective, in the past year, water purifier sales volume grew by about 9.3%, retail sales of more than 26.4 billion yuan market. The trend of the brand is, the whole category channels have maintained a high growth momentum, while the net sales of the drink and drink category growth was relatively low-end product line driven. The new retail concept is reflected in the promotion of the gradual integration of on-line, at-line and also appeared in a small scale the peak.

   At the same time, strengthen the protection of water sources, continue to "decontamination" function is not appropriate, develop synergies purification technology has become the industrys general strategy. In the product line, with a single function of water purification products can not meet consumer demand. Comprising reducing the crystallization tendency of calcium and magnesium ions, to prevent calcium and magnesium carbonates prefilter on the reverse osmosis membrane residual species from the central water to drink net integral multiple of one machine will embrace huge market demand.

   From the market performance, segments also received a good record. Reverse osmosis category, for example, according to Orville cloud network data, reverse osmosis product line under the 2017 share of more than 88.7% 200-800 flux products segment share far more than half of online reverse osmosis products share of nearly 71.25 percent, 200 -800 flux products segment share of over 40%, the "big water" "small net drink" is almost standard on 2018 large flux reverse osmosis products will continue to grow.

   In the view of many industry veterans, although ultrafiltration equipment is a future can open up the market, but compared with consumer demand for purification equipment, sales conversion rate is not high. As nanofiltration, the performance of activated carbon products still need to improve. While doing well during development, but in practical applications, ultrafiltration, activated carbon products still face the problem of resource waste and secondary pollution. But no doubt that the 2018 water purifier companies will have a great breakthrough in terms of purification.

   from the front to the purification cartridge, and then purifying equipment including reverse osmosis, activated carbon, ultrafiltration, including, to the one-stop household water purification solutions, that is, how to make it in the number of microorganisms on the sensor well presented, byPurification technology, research and development and other positive manner to consumers more intuitive, efficient shopping experience. However, the water purifier from home just to be turned into high-end brand will take time.

   (Source: Hao Ze - Public number)

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