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Water purifier behind the price increases reflect thenvironm

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   As the water purification industrys development and progress, water purifier company and brand reputation, reputation, more and more attention and concern throughout the industry and the community, has gradually become dealers and consumers to join one important consideration for selection. In recent days, he alerted the entire water purification industry is a way to not stop the wave of price increases, and the truth behind this storm is known. Similarly, Foshan, Jieyang, Zhongshan and so these cities belong to the city productive, why would they price it?



   State Key areas with high pollution enterprises [123 ]

   after the State Council issued "water pollution prevention action plan", referred to as "water ten." Which highlighted: the end of 2016, according to the water pollution control laws and regulations, to ban all small paper does not meet the national industrial policy, leather, printing and dyeing, coking, refining sulfur, arsenic refining, oil refining, electroplating, pesticides and other serious pollution of the water environment of production projects. Give full consideration to water resources, water environment carrying capacity, with water set the city on Water, the water will be people to water quotas. Strictly control the dry areas, water pollution sensitive areas and areas of high water consumption and high pollution industry, new construction, renovation, expansion of key industries and construction projects of major pollutants emission reduction replacement. RIVER seven key river basin, to strictly control the petroleum processing, chemical raw materials and chemical products manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, chemical fiber manufacturing, non-ferrous metal smelting, textile printing and dyeing projects such as environmental risks, rational distribution of production equipment and hazardous chemicals storage and other facilities.

   Today, the country in order to protect water resources from pollution, the focus began to control some high-polluting enterprises, cardboard boxes, stainless steel, glass, plastic, these belong to high-polluting enterprises, the largest of these enterprises costs from pollution rather than production. Today, when the country began major efforts to control these high-polluting enterprises, then the low-cost market dividends and competition will come to an end. 2016 can be said to be low-cost flying, but when these business problems, then the rising costs is beyond doubt.



   environmental pollution crisis

   Some consumers choose low-priced products, created a factory to start adventure reduce pollution control costs, and finally returned to the river pollution among us back into the water. If not now, then pay close attention to pollution control,So in the future we may be anhydrous drink.

   Moreover, the water shortage reasons behind the country, in addition to "how much water people", the uneven spatial and temporal distribution of water resources outside the actual situation is more worrying is water pollution, waste water is serious. Especially with the continuous improvement of peoples economic conditions, more and more people no longer pay attention to only a few dollars a ton of water, waste water and therefore serious in their daily lives.

   Environmental protection is also responsible for responsible for each of our family for the younger generations of; State shot a description of these pollution has reached the point must governance of; when the state began major efforts to combat, then the description of these have been deep into our lives a.

   before the people of drinking water for the family convenience and security, universal buy water dispenser. Now, with the development of technology, peoples living standards improve, some families began to use a water filter. The drinking fountains and water purifiers although ultimately provide drinking water to the people, but the functional and technical but very different. Water purifiers for people any harm, but also to put to good use during maintenance, periodic replacement of the filter. I believe in the near future will gradually be applied to all kinds of water purifiers family for more families to contribute to safe drinking water.

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