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This year the development of water purification plant the fr

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   [network] China Water Purifier Water Purifier Industry sources say 2014 is the first year of clean water, mainly because water purifier industry sales this year is very impressive. In addition, technology, brands, products and terminals, net water enterprises performance is worth seeing. Although the market is still as chaotic, but the overall trend is moving in the direction of a mature brand has gradually showing polarization, good better, the difference will be eliminated.


   technological breakthroughs, industry position and improve the

   water purifier industry is the core technology, the performance in terms of the filter. Long before China water purifier industry failed to break the core technology, it is difficult to lead the industry trend, the right to speak. Technology is one of the reasons restricting China water purifier brand development, and water purifier industrys core technology, the main filter is stable, precise technique, followed by anti-fouling problems. According to household water purifier industry sources, due to foreign brands have core technology, it is possible to have control over the right to speak Chinese market. From scratch, domestic brands began to develop rapidly, the technology has made great breakthrough.

   water purifier brand will accelerate the process of

   experienced a market downturn of the early development of water purifier industry, we have now entered an age of branding. Since the beginning of this century, China water purifier market, profound changes can be said to have occurred. With a fully personalized product, brand operation ideas, China water purifier market promising. The opportunity to build brand industry fleeting. Domestic water purifier brand, although many, but in the domestic water purifier market is also not a business account for 10% of the market share. Big brand marketing monopoly effect has not yet formed. But it is worth noting that this years top ten brands of household water purifier market accounted for over 80 per cent market share, and over time, these brands market share is expected to further increase.

   more specialized products

   In the growing homogenization of the product of the moment, many industry professionals recognize the importance of specialization. "Concentrate, focus, professional, can do water purifier products. Professional positioning, it will help us in all aspects from raw materials, product design and other research and development, to ensure high quality and high price. Specialization is our success road. "certain brand of water purifier general manager for example, such as product appearance, some of humanity, people feel more comfortable design, only professional,Manufacturers concentrate on this road in order to get better and better products. Currently in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and other areas, many companies are ahead on the path of specialization.

   domestic consumer demand for water purifier products, has not only satisfied its use function, pay more attention to product features to meet the psychological needs. General Manager "on this path of specialization, we still have a lot to learn, especially the design of the soul of the young, stylish, vibrant, is the pursuit of our net of the spring water purifier." Certain brand of water purifier He said. Specialization, it is the future trend of water purifier industry.

   store terminal sales resources to accelerate the integration

   water purifier terminal marketing industry, is still in the path of the store, the investment is relatively large, every business, businesses will face. "Headache every business, but it is also no way to do. Manufacturers generally choose to focus on the market, key customers, to give a certain degree of tilt on policy support." Water purifier industry sales companies is inseparable from the store, prompting large specialized stores rapid rise in the terminal. No details, it does not matter taste. Enterprise Terminal Services is the truth. Only attention to detail, in order to win consumers.

   regardless of changes in the industry, is still focusing on water purifier products, technology, quality and service. Although the major water purifier brand competition tends to white-hot stage, but at the same time also makes the market quickly mature.

   water purifier sales in the first half of 2014 has exceeded billion mark in 2015 will be more broad market prospects.

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