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Troubleshooting dry concentrated water purifier low voltage

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   maintenance work in the RO reverse osmosis water purifier (commonly known as water machine), the author himself (Lixin Dong) often seen or heard a lot of sales agents peers do nothing in the face of water machine to malfunction. Analysis of the reasons, I found the root of the problem is that most people do not understand the role of all parts of the water machine, coupled with the cooperation of manufacturers not given training and guidance system, so when the water purifier fails, chaos for a pass, good luck when it happened it repaired. When bad luck, all the accessories to change the times, still is bad repair.

   Thus, the manufacturers product quality that is certainly negative feedback, negative feedback, negative feedback! Among these, the manufacturers of the products are often the innocent -

   Today, I will talk about RO reverse osmosis three important parts water purifier, respectively, is a low pressure switch, water solenoid valves, high-voltage switch, the combination valve. About membranes, pumps and transformer failures. Before the formal lecturing each product and its components and issues to deal with, we still work together a familiar figure below, this is the pure water of the components constituting the structure diagram, this comparison chart to learn, it will play a multiplier effect.


   First, the low pressure switch

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   is a low-voltage switching raw water into the purification encounters the first fitting, the optimum position after the first stage is generally the wick. It is actually a source of water (pressure) electronically controlled switch. Effect of the low pressure switch is the original water pressure is low after the first filter stage, the power is disconnected, the machine will not start, and will not protect the booster pump prematurely damaged by idling. When the low pressure switch opens the raw water through a sufficient pressure after the first stage filter, the machine starts normally.

   Once the water purifier water shortages indicated, the following occurs: First, raw water is really low pressure, and second, the first stage filter plug, the third is a low pressure switch failure, four computer-controlled plate cable contact failure.

   For the first case, and occasionally raw water pressure is too low, do not ignore it. However, frequently the water pressure is too low, the proposed replacement pump, while removing the pressing switches. The second case, open the first-stage filter bottle filter will be able to look to know, is not a filter should be replaced. The third case, the raw water pressure level field observations of the water when the faucet is opened, with the fingers unblock the (constant pressure at this time is not small), two wires may be connected directly to the low pressure switch, then the machine start, it shows a low pressure switch is really bad, quickly change aNew. The fourth case is also a need to seriously look at the scene in order to know. If the low pressure switch is directly connected to two wires, pure water does not start, the scene is determined water pressure not low, can not conclude that the failure in the low-voltage switch.

   Second, the inlet valve


   Function inlet valve is open to allow water flow through the machine power. When the power supply of pure water (for example, a low pressure switch is open, high-voltage switch is off) when turned off, the water flow automatically disconnected, the machine will not allow water to enter the second half of the system. Its location after the first stage filter, before the pump.

   exhibit water valve failure prone, there are two: First, malfunction, water can not be effectively turned off. Second, over the water can not be effectively blocked.

   The first symptoms are listed: full stop the machine, still more than half an hour concentrate water flows. This time the solution is replacement of the inlet valve. Note that, we must pay attention to the direction of water flow when the solenoid valve replacement. Change in the wrong direction, certainly not solve the problem.

   This reminds me of a case. There is a telephone peer help, users have a home water machine has no power has been concentrated water out, I told he must fill solenoid valve is broken, he took me to go to a new customer put, it is Fighter return phone calls, or the concentration of water in the stream, and for more than half an hour. I asked if it was for the wrong direction, he said there is nothing wrong, according to the original direction is put on, I really can not say youll take over the machine to see if I can help you. After the machine brought over, I look to see the direction of the inlet valve is installed upside down. I let him swap over, water power test, three minutes later concentrated water flow.

   When it comes to water solenoid valve, I have an experience to share with you. After the machine down, concentrated water was still flowing, most of that water purifier is faulty. I have to say, this was a concrete analysis of specific issues. After the concentrated water flowing pure water shut down within a certain period of time is normal. Water machine installed in the municipal water pipe-line, after the full stop, because the pressure inside the machine, you need to slow relief, so thick water stop in about three minutes, and the water pressure is very low or no water pipe network rural, self-priming water machine installation, strong water stopped about 15 minutes to 20 minutes, are normal, do not panic, is the time to a little longer, as long as the concentration of water will stop, are also normal.

   [12Failure performance 3] The second: the machine starts, open net tap, no clean water, while the concentrated water rarely, no. After checking, before the water inlet valve, after no water. Power (voltage switch, high-voltage switch without fault) is not water, it is clear that the fill solenoid blocked, can be replaced with a new solution.

   Third, the high voltage switch

鍑€姘村櫒楂樺帇寮€鍏? src= is a high-pressure pressure switch controls the power switch. After the position of the film, before the post-carbon. When the pressure tank full of water pressure reaches the set pressure shutdown, the machine turned off the power supply, the machine stops. High-voltage switch is set, it is to ensure the life of the pressure barrel.

   the pressure is set too high, the machine will not stop. Pressure is set too low, the water storage pressure barrel would be too small. Therefore, before the high-pressure switches are set up a factory, try not mess tone, generally between 2 kg -3.5 kg. Once the machines so that the display state is full of water, are generally associated with high-voltage switch.

   correct definition is: one barrel of water pressure is really full, the machine stopped working. Second, the two wires of the high-voltage switch it is possible to come off or poor contact, no water pressure tank, but the machine is not working. Thirdly, it is possible cable computer board contact is not good, there is no water pressure in the tub is, the machine does not work. Full of water for the failure of the machine does not work, find a reason enough to solve.

   Fourth, the concentrated water flush valve combination

鍑€姘村櫒娴撴按缁勫悎闃€ flush valve or combination of valves composition, the water concentration is proportional controller on the machine. Not its existence, pure water into the raw water, will all flow away from dark water. With its presence, inside the machine system it is possible to achieve a certain water pressure, through a reverse osmosis membrane, pure water output. It can also be said that the combined size of the valve, directly affects the size of the pump pressure, but also affect the life of the membrane. Raw water TDS value of 300 or less, the valve may be used, or a combination of concentrated 200CC water ratio. Raw water TDS value is 300 or more 800 or less, it is recommended to select the combination valve or the use of concentrated aqueous 300CC ratio. Above that choose to use a combination of small household water valve.

   and then add that no large flow 400G bucket water machine, raw water TDS value of 300 or less may be used, or a combination of the concentrated water valve than 800CC. Raw water TDS value 300 or more 800 or less, it is recommended to select the combination valve or the use of concentrated aqueous 1500CC ratio.

   Today, there are still a lot of water purifiers and water purifiers auto dealer mistakenly believe that the combination valve is adjustable. I once again solemnly emphasize once again: the combination valve can be changed is not adjustable. Raw water quality is very good, you can change a little bit of a combination valve, the raw water quality is very poor, it will need for a great combination valve a little. Many hunting of the combination valve of dealer friends, must have been a painful lesson.

   Last winter, I encountered several dealers over maintenance of the machine, all the same question, and that is their own tune by combining valve, so that the concentrate flow abnormalities, leading to clogging of the membrane. I asked a dealer them: "Did I not tell you that will not let you adjust the valve stack it?" The man replied: "Yes, I know you said not adjust, but you did not tell me after adjustment the consequences ah. "Oh, really served, try to be smart after all, is a price to pay!

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