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Terminal upgrading water purifi brand stores large data syst

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   Under the impact of the Internet, the traditional water purifier sales channel management terminal stores suffered a "crisis", especially in the current market situation is increasingly grim, water purifier business does not want to become obsolete, the need for timely changes in business ideas, and actively follow the pace of large enterprise data transformation, evolutionary upgrade is completed, the market share of resources.


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   terminal reconstruction needs more times

   As we all know, the window is connected to the customer and the store brand it can get a lot of information directly to the consumer, provide direction for each department work background, but also the core of brand building. Water purifier companies and distributors in order to increase revenue, often stores will be transformed, in fact, a brand of store renovation, not the most difficult consumer insights, transformation after the hardware and software is not insight, but forward-looking management decision-making and targeted standardized management. After

   decided purifier terminal stores the final sale of many factors, including store location, design and decoration, size, brand influence, price, professional shopping guide, product quality, etc., to remove more traditional factors, into the Internet age for water purifier terminal stores, the importance of big data also not be underestimated, and therefore water purifier shop improvement also needs to be improved accordingly around big data.

   The introduction of large data store management system

   in the course of business water purifier store, the dealer will always encounter a lot of customer interest, but no final deal, the loss of this part of the passenger flow the reason is that dealers often failed to adopt a more effective way to fight these income: they failed to take advantage of real-time customer data mining wealth, and these data will be at their fingertips and place; no dealers across the country with each other Internet communication; from e-commerce to all areas of customized water purifiers, hardware accessories and service pricing, they do not provide a consistent experience to customers and participation.

   If the water purifier organizations can build robust data repository dealers, allowing national distributor in contrast, in addition to identify their own strengths and weaknesses, the differences between themselves and with other regional distributors, but also to understand the gap between themselves and other water purifier brand dealers, and learn from developed markets experience rapid upgrade themselves, regardless of their own for water purification, or dealers will be goodDevelopment assistance.

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