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Principle of UV disinfection of drkg water

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refers to a wavelength of electromagnetic waves in the UV 200-380nm light waves generally divided into three regions, i.e., UVA (315-380nm), UVB (280-315nm), UVC (200-280nm). Far ultraviolet region below 200nm called vacuum ultraviolet rays, the water can easily be absorbed, and therefore can not be used for sterilization. UVC ultraviolet region is used for disinfection, i.e., the wavelength region 200-280nm, especially near 254nm. UV disinfection mechanism different from the oxidizing agent, which is a wavelength region of 254nm wavelength and near the action of microorganisms can penetrate into the body to a nucleic acid, protein and enzyme puree, the adjacent thymine DNA synthesis double bond thereof, transcription induced DNA loss of capacity prevent protein byproducts, ultraviolet disinfection show good market potential for water treatment. Household water purification equipment, net - professional household water purifiers, water softeners shopping guide platform, bringing together a network of well-known brand of water purifier, water softener, salt-free water softener machine for you and your family health escort! More exciting Recommended Reading: Why is the water purification industry so hot? : Http:// Amway water purifier water purifier actually contain carcinogens! : Http://

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