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Suning preview -hot appliances- full advantage in the retail

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   the first half of May, home appliances segment capital market to pick up, indicating that the warming trend after the outbreak of the home appliance industry.

   Suning, Lynx as the representatives of electronic business platform, in the first half of May were particularly striking. To the just-concluded two-product online shopping festival, for example, Suning all categories of orders grew 74.2% compared to the same period in 2019. Smart appliances and other categories grew rapidly, intelligent digital products increased 113.5%, 5G mobile phones grew 90.2%. April 29 - May 4 between the date the sinking cloud market Suning retail sales in the chain raise 112%, Jiangsu, Guangdong and Hebei Province won the sales top3.

   At the same time, after the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, a number of provinces issued a new round of home appliances to the countryside policy. Guangdong Province, the current co-ordinate arrangements for 1.78 billion yuan subsidy funds to support the automotive and home appliances Guangdong Province, is expected to be consumer-driven appliances sector reached 90 billion yuan.

   In the stimulation is getting warmer consumer trends, and related policies, the industry is expected in the second half or the home appliance industry is expected to usher in a "retaliatory consumption", while the consumer electronics market as the first full-channel Suning, more expected Benefited from.

   double integration, to enhance the consumer experience


   policy, bringing the major well-known home appliance brands have followed suit. Suning as the first home appliance sales channels for consumer appeal is very obvious. Under

   online, Suning relying on the depth of experience in the retail scene layout aspects of diversification, to provide consumers with interactive scenes and immersive consumer shopping experience. Suning Xinjiekou store, for example, the opening period to integrate a lot of technology, fashion games are played, have given consumers sense of screaming. " Suning pole webs of red hygge coffee, the countrys first flagship store Dajiang SIS, Dyson full-line product experience center, at nine positive experience linefriends line network shops and other high-profile red brand, have settled in the Xinjiekou. So that consumers immersed in the interactive consumer scenarios, you can experience the depth of the product, greatly enhancing the turnover rate, re-purchase rate.


   on-line, through a unique super store Suning broadcast brought more confidence in cloud-shopping experience for consumers. Multi-scene marketing Xinjiekou, but Suning multi-channel integration of a microcosm of the whole scene. "Internet O2O whole scene" has long been used asOne of the two starting point Suning Appliance industry line 2020 2020 development plan exists. During the "Fifth Shopping Festival", only one area of 鈥嬧€婼hanghai, Suning to achieve a comprehensive help 800 Internet stores, covering the city of 24 million people.

   and in the sinking market, the four-tier cities to pick up earlier than the first-tier cities, Suning retail cloud also seize the opportunity contrarian expansion into tier consumer "nearly around" choice. As of April, Suning retail cloud over 5000 stores have already left the country, March and April Crack a new monthly record shop, opened more than 400 new April sales doubled for traffic in the sinking tide of the market continue to rise.

   years of wisdom to lead the development of retail Suning early realized that, regardless of the future of consumer home appliances, electricity or innovative business models, are inseparable interactive consumer experience, while interactive brought the It is all aspects of life through scenes communion. In other words, it captures the scene, almost to always get along with consumers.

   It is reported that the trend of recovery in the appliance industry, Suning will integrate brands, businesses and the whole scene itself full advantage of channels, not the same after 618 epidemic appliances for consumers shopping experience.

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