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Renovation facade store water purifiers to avoid thtention o

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   If the water purifier to open a store, which store decoration knowledge to know? Veterans point out, there is a water purifier store decoration, be sure to avoid the following three major taboo.




store facade decoration water purifiers to avoid the attention of the three taboos (Photo from Internet)

   taboo 1: counter should not be placed at the exit of the [ 123]

   some store counter for promotional products will be placed at the outlet, is to allow customers walked into the room, you can see the style of products, so that consumers can see the product more directly to increase product sales the possibility out, and this practice because practice that, it makes the customer to bypass the counter and go to the counter to another counter or next to, do not prevent the stairs next to the counter move, and then see how it works I believe you will find this wonderful little change brings. Household water purifiers counter usually placed in the shop deepest position.

   Taboo 2: Do not put loud music

   the music itself is to create an atmosphere rather than noise, open a home water purifier shop, stood thunder-like music, such as now Some in the downtown there are no standard, one larger than a musical sound, think this is hilarious, especially in the wrong wrong, it will affect the feelings of many consumers, thus abandoning entered the shop, soft and elegant music, so that customers can linger forget back, increase customer stay in the store, thereby increasing the likelihood of consumer spending; and deafening music as "the sound of evil" in feng shui, it is a demon, makes people buy home water purifier , give birth naturally estate irritable mood, promotion of the store can only have a negative impact. It is not appropriate to promote music too.

   3 contraindications: not just store color set

   Program decor reliable water purifier according to an embodiment of the manufacturer. Or some small water purifier manufacturers can design in-store that also not good at, and now there are many household water purifiers shop attaches great importance to the color of the inside of the store, some businesses think through psychological tests, such as relatively bright colors such as red, it will be in a relative state of excitement, arouse peoples desire to buy. However, for water purifiers for the store, try not to exceed three kinds of color, blue and white color, giving a pure, simple beauty, store counters must maintain a consistent style tone, uniform color, showing the water purification high-end products and minimalist atmosphereBut not simple beauty.

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