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Yin and Yang salt water hazards

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   people come in time to drink water like yin and yang, add a little salt, and it can play a role in weight-loss diet, then the yin and yang of the water should be not salt it? Here we follow Xiaobian a look at the dangers of salt water yin and yang of it.




One is water yin and yang of said medical raw water and the mixture, and the mixture is cooled boiled water and, in fact, in addition, well water used in daily life and the river also belong to the yin and yang of water, then drink this water yin and yang of the body harmful? The answer is that if it is well water and river water mixed with water yin and yang certainly can not drink; if it is a mixture of boiled water and boiling water cool can be drink, some people also like to add some salt in it, and it can lose weight, so small to give us below tell us about the yin and yang of salt water What are the dangers, right?


rumors: Recently, a "yin and yang water bowel" detox recipe online circle of friends and heat transfer, claims to have row stool, to stains and other wonders. Posts in the "yin and yang of water", with "overnight cold water 2 liters of boiling hot water + 2 l + 150 g salt" modulated into, then this water can detox in the end it?


According to online statement, which claims to be able to clean the stomach "yin and yang water bowel side" and "cold water overnight with 2 liters of boiling hot water + 1 l + 150 g salt, i.e., shake to make". Post said the overnight cold water will absorb world aura at night and resume its "negative" vitality, the body can recuperate all "positive" disease. The boiling hot water for the "yang" water, modulating body can all "negative" disease. The salt having a clean, sterilization, disinfection, detoxification functions. Salt to melt the hard stool, the eradication of intestinal bacteria, the purification of the toxin belly, with the "yin and yang of water" to restore balance to the bodys yin and yang, the balance of the virtual fire stomach, intestinal flushing the stool. Particular method of administration is 5 to 7 oclock in the morning, within one hour salted "water yin and yang" points 2 to 3 times big mouth drink finished.


Nanjing Integrative Medicine Hospital outpatient therapeutic herbs, deputy director of Chinese medicine practitioners, said Wang Dongxu, although the Chinese have yin and yang disease of the disease saying, but need to syndrome differentiation, specific treatment is not so simple drink water can be solved. This misunderstanding of the words too literally a drastic! For drinking water by the hour to say, it seems to have contact with the hour regimen of traditional Chinese medicine, but in fact, should also vary, not sweeping, and, drink plenty of water in the morning itself can help promote intestinal peristalsisAccelerate defecation role, not necessarily to drink "yin and yang water" have this effect.


for addition of salt to drink water detoxification argument, Deputy Director Wang also believes that there is misleading. Because from the perspective of Western medicine, salt water can replenish electrolytes, but only if a huge loss of electrolyte, under the original balanced state, you drink so much salt water, but just the opposite. For example, excessive salt intake can cause high blood pressure, edema, chronic kidney disease, people with high blood pressure, edema, chronic kidney disease, drink salt water will add to the burden of excretion, serious be hospitalized. Chinese medicine, salty into the kidney, drink salt water instead of renal injury. So, drink salt water detox also some one-sided argument, or to vary.


, deputy director of the hospital treating disease physician, said Liu Xin Branch, the bodys normal daily urine output of about 1500 ml, so in the absence of obvious sweating, add about 1200 ml of water a day is enough a. If you drink a day for up to 3000-4000 ml of water, they will drink to go wrong. A large amount of water should not drink, drink more than 200 ml each time it will act as a diuretic, the body not only can not absorb moisture, but will increase water loss.


These are the yin and yang Xiaobian to introduce water hazards plus salt, we do pay attention to the future, in addition to learn some knowledge of small household drinking water, in order to ensure their own and their families to drink healthy drinking water .




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