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Toxic plastic cup to drink it_1

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   plastic cups are cheap, easy to carry, when using relatively simple, many people like to drink water with plastic cups, plastic cups to drink poisonous it, a lot of people are particularly worried, Xiao Bian remind you, in the purchase of plastic cups, must be spotted brand manufacturers, as well as security level.




As the plastic cup colorful, different styles, popular womens favorite, whether in the home or office, every woman has two or more plastic cups, they will these often use plastic cups to drink cold water or hot water, where the need to remind the majority of women, plastic cups of cold water to drink is no problem, but if the stimulation of high temperature hot water, a lot of unqualified plastic cups will release toxic substances, health hazards is very large.


daily life, the use of glass, plastic cups of drinking water is widespread. Many people want to know what the safest drinking cups? In fact, many regular manufacturers of glass are clearly labeled, especially plastic cups, plastic drinking cups poisonous? A glance at the logo to know. Especially a lot of people are willing to drink water, but also pay attention to these details. As long as we know some families drinking little knowledge, you can make your body more healthy.


If we look closely at the purchase of plastic cups, plastic cups you can see the bottom of a triangle, do not ignore the role of this triangle, because he can tell you whether this plastic cup to drink water poisonous. No. 1 PET heat to 65 鈩? resistance was cooled to -20 deg.] C; No. 2 HDPE is not recommended to recycle; best not to buy No. 3 PVC; No. 4 LDPE heat resistance is not strong; No. 5 PP microwave food containers, food container, temperature 120 deg.] C; and No. 6 PS heat and cold, but not into the microwave oven; No. 7 PC other types of water bottles, cups, bottles.


we can see very intuitive, the smaller the number, the worse the degree of safety, warning you that in the purchase of plastic cups, and to drink plenty of water, do be careful, do not take healthy joke.




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