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Troubleshoot problems and questions, t alone buy water purif

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   First is the difference some of your questions about water purifiers, water purifiers to identify products and components in order to find the section you want.




   RO and ultrafiltration

   First RO feature is available in a wide selection of people for different basic water quality a particular filter rods, this no disagreement. Mainly for straight drinking problem objections. I reiterate here under the RO is designed to drink straight, so there are several options available for different water quality in a particular filter rods, but I would say that filter rods traffic stood there, it also shows that the amount of water not suitable for most domestic water. This RO my friends at a research institute that is used, then water every time she was miserable.

   Secondly, I would add that before the next me. RO type of filtering accuracy is not necessarily better than ultrafiltration. 1000-1500 yuan and 1,000 yuan basic well-known brands of Everpure filtration accuracy of 0.5 micron in, liter ultrafiltration filtration accuracy of 0.01 microns. RO membrane filter of 0.01 micrometer accuracy Hansixier, the price of 2,000 dollars. Id like you to look carefully before you buy these, I personally feel that if you can not guarantee the accuracy of filtered water, heavy metals there is no clear process is essentially the same.

   I understand: filtering accuracy> special utility (which is why I was chosen ultrafiltration reasons, rather than RO) In other words, you have to buy RO bought, something that a sub-price goods.

   again, also consider someone like me mode pre-filter + UF / ROs. Prefilter time I did not specify, to add some specific reference factors here. Illustration, I bought Hansixier filtering accuracy 40 m, the lower end of Honeywell 100 microns, 50 microns in the end, coupled with the positive and negative water washing e.g., regulation technique, so that the price gap It is fairly obvious. We appropriately selected according to financial resources, it is recommended to buy on the level of product, after all, this stuff can be used for a long time.

   and the audience on stage water purifier

   In fact, occur very early stage water purifier, the earliest the most common is installing a filter in the faucet below, a bit like a plug, It was mainly a variety of activated carbon particles class. Mainstream stage now is the carbon rod and ultrafiltration, especially ultrafiltration more.

   PlatformWater purifier main advantages as follows:

   1 easy to install, easy to replace

   2 smaller, elegant

   3 transformation without cabinets, common good. .

   4 save space under the sink counter

   major disadvantage stage water purifier as follows:

   1 of space, especially now smaller kitchen (countertops is not large, not occupied)

   2. easy to pipeline cleaning (especially large sand or northwest place, is living mud)

   3. small purge amount per minute ( about 1/3 RO, UF let alone)

   4. filter small amount of the total core (RO and substantially the same high-end products, a large gap between the lower end, not to mention ultrafiltration)

   the above is a brief introduction to some of the water purifier, hope after reading it, you can have a basic understanding of water purifier.

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