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On Mai successful water purification agents to joithe voice

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鍗庤繄娴呮瀽鎴愬姛鍑€姘村櫒鍔犵洘浠g悊鍟嗙粡楠屼箣璋? width= In recent years, the water purification industry into the fast lane of development, hailed as the last pot of gold at the home appliance industry, and for a water purifier to join the agency vast market potential has attracted many investors to join them. However, fierce competition in the market makes a lot of agents do nothing new signing, increase sales of open market, tried various tricks, but the effect is not obvious. Here, according to their agents successful experience, summed up the secret of the success of water purifiers to join, I believe can help to provide a reference to the vast number of investors.

   1, customized products and reasonable price

   believe that any one water purification agents and dealers, in the formulation of the product price, product prices are trying to set a little higher, everyone knows, the price is too high, positioning is not reasonable, but customers stop looking. Agents in the custom price, according to the local economic level of consumption as a reference, combined with spending habits, income levels, cultural traditions and other aspects into account, to develop a reasonable price system, is well accepted by local consumers.

   2, inventory well prepared

   A wide range of water purifiers, water purifiers almost every manufacturer will have several series of products on the market at the same time, water purification agents do not It may be a one-time purchase of a lot on the same product. Therefore, distribution follow-up work was extremely important, it is necessary to do: short cycle, fast, full strength, wide coverage; at the same time to establish the scientific work processes, sum up the work results, reasonable arrangements for the work plan.

   3, enhance the terminal enforcement

   different terminals in strategic water purification agents share position are not the same, water purification agents should be based on strategic planning and market conditions combined with their ability to control the terminal screening to determine the outstanding terminal and focus resources and energy market operations. Built on the excellent end marketing database and shared throughout the system, keep abreast of customer needs.

   4, effective outreach program

   Wine is also afraid of deep alley era, how to let consumers know and recognize your water purifier products is particularly important, of course, that in itself with clean water brand has a close relationship, so we choose to join the brand water purifier when we must look for well-known brands, a qualified water purification agents to join the campaign trail will be on the basis of the water purifier brand, as carried out in the local arena sell, distribute leaflets, to carry out promotional activities, theseThey are an effective way to help you open market.

   5, improve service

   Finally, to ensure that the service terminal maintenance needs is perfect. Establishment of the terminal is not only beneficial to sales, but also to show their products and services channels. Therefore, the material needed to build the terminal, as well as spiritual needs must be met, the service must be in place. Water purifier water purifier manufacturers and dealers should be a united front, enhance service awareness, improve after sales service.

   of water purification agents to join, how to business success, you need to choose the right brand, manufacturers need to have enough support policies, but more needs its own efforts, you really need to master industry knowledge, the use of industry thinking of doing business in order to brand bigger and stronger. The manufacturers have to do is not a simple financial support, technical support, more important is the method franchisees how do you want to teach.

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