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Patio Neptune released new young geration of clean wer boost

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   I do not know even the rain to summer, a sunny autumn Fang Jue. During the day drink salt water, night drink honey water, which is both a good way to supplement the body of water, but also a fall health, resist aging diet recipe. The moment young people to work all day, busy rush of life, not knowing that the summer season has now entered a period of more pay is the key to a healthy life. Patio considerations based on the life of young, new "Sea King" water purifier because sometimes raw, pure peace of mind to bring good water.


   Today, Patio order to meet the new generation of young population quality of life needs, "Sea King" water purifier brand new on the market, long-term clean, rest assured more peace of mind. According to industry data analysis, the purchase is the main force of my countrys water purifier 80/90 people mainly the purchase of part of the population accounts for over 65% of the total population. Twenty years, Patio water purifier market depth for the target population analysis, by sampling, exploration, innovation, devote themselves to providing peace of mind for the protection of drinking water to millions of households.


   "three core five" powerful, very light volume

   Patio "Neptune" PGP mounted inside a composite filter purifier, efficient RO five three core fine filtration membrane, inlet efficient use of PGR triple composite filter, effectively blocking layer sediment, rust and other large particles, middle chlorine adsorption, removing a portion of the VOC, heavy metal, the inner layer further filter large foreign particles reduce turbidity, blocking charcoal. Efficient use of RO membrane three years to address the concerns of users filter life, reducing replacement costs, a province in the end.

   only five fine filtration system can effectively remove heavy metals lead, arsenic, cadmium 99%, 99%, still do remove the water byproduct bleach. At the same time has a 400G no barrel large flow of water to achieve faster, then a 200 ml cup full of just 12 seconds, the fresh water that is filtered ready to drink, pure life without waiting, no barrel design effectively avoid the possible existence of two secondary pollution.


   For many due to limited cupboard space Chinese families, buy a water purifier must consider the size of the volume. Patio new "Neptune" Judging from the parameters purifier fuselage length 290mm, width 200mm, 380mm high, small, easily manage the different household kitchen. On the other hand this "Neptune" Almost proposed water purifier "integrated water" inRead, a new generation of integrated injection molding process, to reduce the number of PE pipes and the sealing points, simplifying the internal structure of a conventional fundamental models, while smaller, so to minimize leakage risks.


   quality of life requires intelligent injection

   Neptune water purifier also enables WiFi-chi function, via mobile phone APP chi Neptune water purifiers, water quality, filter life at a glance. In addition, "Sea King" water purifier filter cartridge system is used FMS intelligent management system, based on household water quality TDS, chlorine, turbidity and the number, four dimensions private custom filter life, accurate monitoring, science was assured.

   water efficiency, the "Sea King" pure aquatic water purifier is much higher than the national water efficiency of 60% of a standard, to achieve the highest level of the national saving an energy efficient, more environmentally friendly water-saving and efficient.


   Patio always pay attention to the national drinking water safety, no new barrels of water purifier "Sea King" is about to debut a new generation of young life boost. Autumn is getting stronger, the need to pay attention to replenish moisture, resistance "Qiuzao" from the beginning of autumn, the guardian of the familys drinking water health, pure life will be in the end.

   (Source: Straits Metropolis Daily, invasion deleted)

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