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Water purifier new national standard introduced to enhance t

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   With the rapid consumption upgrade, healthy quality of life by more and more people pursue careers, water purifier into the home is not the little things.

   In fact, in the early 19th century, water purifiers had been born, after two hundred years of temper, water purification technology has made great development and great progress. Reverse osmosis water purifier because they advanced RO reverse osmosis technology market has welcomed.


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   but because these products will produce concentrated waste water purification at the same time, in the perspective of energy-saving environmental protection is a huge waste of water resources, for this, water purification " the new national standard, "a timely, in order to implement the most stringent water management system to draw a red line strict control of water use efficiency.



   The terms, definitions and technical requirements

   1. Aquaculture net water retention

   Under the test conditions specified in the standard, without under the premise of reducing the life of the reverse osmosis membrane, a reverse osmosis water purification system, after purification, the ratio of the total net amount of water of the total amount of water intake.

   2. Water purifier efficiency limit value

   under standard test conditions specified, the water purifier minimum net rate of water allowed aquaculture. .

   3 aqueous concentrate

   The resulting concentrate water purifier should be recycled; sold for use water purifier should be equipped with means concentrated water recycling.

   4. Water purifier efficiency rating

   The water purifier efficiency class is divided into 5, wherein the least efficient water 5. The net rate of each grade aquatic water purifier should be in accordance with Table 1.

   According to the survey, the current net aquatic water rate nearly 40 percent of home reverse osmosis water purifier on the market less than 20%. The 2018 11 formally implemented the "new national standard" for water efficiency by setting the limit value (5 net rate of aquatic water red line), it will eliminate at least 30% efficient aquatic products, preliminary estimates New Year more than 100 million cubic meters of water.

   In addition, the "new standard" also established purifier water saving efficiency level 2 evaluation value i.e. 55%, in order to encourage companies to improve technology to enhance water efficiency. After

   Thus, "the new national standard," the introduction of water efficiency will become one of the most important when consumers buy water purifier focus, high technology content, good quality water purificationProducts will be more recognized by the market.

   the introduction of the new national standard, water purification products urgent need to enhance energy-saving targets, the concept of green development throughout the research and production of the entire process. Water clean water legislation as an industry leader in the future will continue to improve technology, improve product quality overall, leading the industry efficient and environmentally friendly development.

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