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Per liter of watpurifis summording documentary Sui pfect ope

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   June 28, 2016 yuan or Group orders will be successfully held in summer Sui in Sui County, Henan Suizhou International Hotel, just two hours, ordering two hundred sets of scene, in which more than 120 sets of solar energy, 60 sets of water purification machines, integrated kitchen range hoods with more than 50 sets, attracted the participation of surrounding towns distributors, orders will be a complete success.

   Early in the morning, the yuan or dealer Henan Sui Zhaojun Weis store in particularly lively. Per liter three dozen distributors came to town to visit the shop Zhao Junwei, a time, Zhao Junwei per liter of stores around the brim, from time to time there admiring the intention to come to visit the inquiry, which makes Zhao Junwei busy exhilaration.

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   per liter is Zhao Junwei veteran dealers, agents per liter of products for over eight years time. For eight years, Zhao Junwei has been operating this store per liter, solar energy, water purification machines, electric kitchen and other products per liter readily available, can be said to be a living sign per liter of Sui County in Henan. Todays current orders, no doubt gave Zhaojun Wei hit a shot in the arm. Let Zhao Junwei pleased that, in the current market environment generally downward, this order will achieve good results, not only on-site orders gratifying, but his adds quite a few distributors.

   which stores the new 2016 yuan liters of water and electric kitchen attracted many new distributors are the eyes, I saw the distributors who have stood in front showcase new products per liter, technology is not the time to discuss with each other parameters, for a time, Zhao Junwei store in the noisy and crowded.

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   about eleven oclock, distributors visited completed, have they drove to Suizhou international hotel to attend the 2016 yuan or Group Suizhou summer orders. The meeting was chaired by the Minister Yuan Hongbing or Group Sales. At the meeting the Minister announced that the Hong Yuansheng summer ordering policy, the meeting reached a climax scene, the township dealers positive response, combined with their own markets have orders.

   The order was, per liter Sui Dong Township distributors Guo first single, on-site orders 30,000 yuan. Guo said that the big order will be preferential, with sales in the first half of their own good, so take advantage of this order will order some more than to prepare for the second half of the market.

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   Further, it is worth mentioning that the participants per liter auto site without exception all orders, and also theNow a few new faces, they are admiring intention distributors, by visiting stores per liter, per liter of product generated great interest and have on-site orders.

   which, admiring Mr. Zhang Shandong This is a well-known manufacturers of solar dealers, the dollar rose to attend summer orders, also aimed at the opportunity, for the first time under the orders alone 2 million, and expressed great confidence in the product per liter. And other distributors to see even other brand dealers have to order, but the order to stimulate their enthusiasm, a time scene set off another round of orders climax.

   There is no doubt that the yuan rise Sui summer orders fired the first shot of orders per liter in summer, creating opportunities for the second half of 2016 won per liter accounted for solar energy, water purification and kitchen electric market .

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