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Things purifier solve painots many wayset off the wavof for

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   water purifier originated in the early eighties the United States, China has developed more than a decade, the emergence of a water purifier changed the way people stereotype of household drinking water, but the water industry is also increasingly exposed the weakness and shortcomings.

   First, the traditional water purifier many problems for consumers stalled in the purchase of products:

   1 pain point, water quality problems. After the conventional water purifier water quality can be achieved by direct purification of drinking standards, consumers can not distinguish with the naked eye.

   pain point 2, the filter problem. Water purifier filter finite life, need frequent change, but users do not know when to replace the filter, once expired does not change, then it might drink contaminated water.

   pain points, 3, leaking water purifier. Leaking is a big consumer of heart disease, and now most of the residents live in the building, not only to their own homes leaks also cause trouble and damage to property to the downstairs neighbor, indeed scary.

   4-point pain, lack of sale. Water purifier is very strong after-sales service requirements of water appliances, while some sellers no after-sale market, resulting in water purifier filter needs to be replaced, nowhere inquiries during maintenance, ultimately, the whole throw away.

   Second, manufacturers difficult. There are currently more than 4,000 companies get together and water purification market, competition is fierce, resulting in profit margins getting smaller and smaller water purification products, and raw materials, labor, rent, promotion and other operating costs are rising, so that manufacturers miserable.

   Moreover, the serious negative social effects. Domestic water purification industry, lack of supervision, repeated exposure counterfeiting, service fault, rivers and lakes will sell other events, the people and property damage, resulting in a very bad negative impact on the integrity of the industry is facing difficulties.

   As the market continues to heat up, diversified and personalized demand has been highlighted, Innovation, and quality become mainstream, the water industry has entered intelligent inflection point, will usher in a major reshuffle.

   Zhengzhou Yuelong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a focus on water purifiers computer boards, water supply, TDS water detector R & D, production and sales of high-tech enterprises, the first water purification plant in the computer board into a networking technology that can effectively solve consumers, manufacturers, pain points of social problems.

   allows users to heart "Number"

   YueLong YL-W CONROLLER implemented using networking technologyThe day when the water purifier filter detection, smart filter replacement reminders, real-time monitoring of water quality, water use statistics and other functions, users can perform real-time monitoring of water purifiers through the phone, when the filter needs to be replaced, a key vendor notification, when leaking fault, a key to turn off the device, so that people would like to use water purification machines, dared to use the water purifier.


   allow manufacturers to reduce the cost of

   intelligent computer board and the sensor installed on a common water purifier, appears to increase the material cost of the product, but the product networking technology used in production processes can reduce material consumption and material backlog, thus indirectly reduce the cost of the product; water purification cloud platform for manufacturers and dealers access to information of each devices operating data in the background, through data analysis to guide enterprises production and investment, lower operating costs.


   so that the community return to authentic

   Many years ago, hormone-free meat products, milk is not added melamine, in pursuit of the interests of the people trampled ethical bottom line. Let things return to authentic community, customers through direct docking Things businesses, will expose the product to do well in the market, cutting corners will be automatically eliminated under the supervision of the Internet of Things market. Things become real-time monitoring peoples "eyes", only excellent quality, first-class service brand in order to survive, the water industry to promote smart, green, green direction.


   after the Internet of Things is another wave of information technology revolution, will bring the industry value 30 times greater than the Internet. China won the world 100 years to speak of things right, things are also included in the national "Thirteen Five" planning policy, the trend is the general direction of the country.

   in the future China will become the worlds largest Internet of Things market, businesses will be affected. Things technology for the development of the water industry, electronic Yuelong general manager Chen Hongsheng confidence "in front of consumers put two water machine, water purifier and common water purifier things, people will choose the latter, was networked intelligent home appliances water purifiers in line with the trend this year is the first year of things, next year will usher in the outbreak, so the traditional water machine will be significantly out of the market within a year. "


   The current things water purification industry is still in an initial development period, largeHome are on the same starting line, who run fast who will be able to grasp the initiative in competition.

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