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Philips Water Purifier health -flood- pione

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   Li Ka-shing once said: "As the population explosion, environmental pollution and other factors lead to increasingly scarce water resources in the world by 2020, the worlds one billion urban residents will face the seriousness of the pollution of water resources engineering method we not only need, also. require natural solution to prevent this situation occurs, and the water purifier is a wise choice. " Philips Water Purifier is now open "thousands of city and shops" investment project, only high-end water purifier for the Chinese family, invites people of insight to work together, Build healthy living water.

   water industry market potential and broad prospects

   According to statistics, in 2013 the overall market sales of water purification equipment was 100.6 billion yuan, 16 billion yuan in 2014, an increase of 59%. 2015 is expected to reach 24.1 billion yuan, an increase of 50.8%. Looking at the global, clean water in the entire market, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, water purification equipment household penetration rate of less than 5%, lower ownership rates in other cities, far below the 80% level of developed countries. On the one hand, it is indicating that the water purifier market has shown rapid growth trend; on the other hand, required health of Chinas 1.3 billion people, will make the water industry form a huge market space for development.

   Philips - health "flood control" pioneer

   since the 20th century Philips UV germicidal inspiration from reform decontamination technology, no chemical method, you can safely eradicate bacteria and water after the virus from Philips in the "flood" the field has never stopped the pace of innovation, with more and more efficient, safe "flood control" scheme, the peak of the natural water quality achievements, and is widely used in municipal, industrial worldwide, family terminal water purification and other fields.

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   Advantages: 2 + 1 large big technology systems

   FreshPure technology: the United States imported RO membrane, wastewater Excellent ratio, no barrel large flux of the perfect combination of six films the product was filtered better, greater speed of water, excellent experience;

   QuickTwist technology: the innovative water control system, the disposable integral filter and quick connect perfect combination of technology, so that for the core continue to water, the operation more convenient, safe and sanitary;

   intelligent security system: mainly composed of purified water monitoring, filter life visualization, leakage protection, intelligent alerts, innovation waterway system components, the use of assured safety and reliability.

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