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These errors buy water purifi, you know-

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   now, and water purifiers wide range of products of varying quality, which we want to avoid errors in the purchase, in order to put high-quality home water purifier it?


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   1. filter, the better

   most consumers think: multi-stage filter will be more of a security. In fact, the key to choose a water purifier or filter to look after effects. Common purification material is PP cotton, activated carbon, UV light, the RO reverse osmosis membrane and ultrafiltration (UF). PP cotton capable of filtering larger particles in water but the large pore material, for smaller bacteria, viruses and chemical contaminants, but will not achieve the filter effect. Except that, if repeated use PP cotton, such a multi-stage filter can be imagined.

   2. Imported better than domestic

   Some consumers believe that imported products must be better than homemade. But in fact the quality of each country is different, not the same water purifier targeted. Better water quality in developed countries, to drink, so some of the imported water purifier purification technology is relatively simple. However, my countrys water is quite complex, relying on a single technology can not completely purify water purification. Therefore, for the Chinese characteristics of water quality using a variety of combinations of water purifier purification technology, it is more suitable for Chinese consumers.

   3. filtration accuracy as high as possible

   water harmful bacteria and viruses, bacteria diameter is generally from 0.5 to 5 m, while the diameter of the trace elements and minerals beneficial to human body is about 0.3 nm. Too high filtering accuracy, in addition to filtering pollutants in water, but also may intercept out substances that are beneficial to the human body in water.

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