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   As peoples living standards improve, home decoration using high-end toiletries getting better, after a period of use, will find some sanitary products will be aging quickly, more and more uncomfortable. In fact, many times these products is due to the problem of domestic water, it causes erosion, lost its original color, sanitary water problem here talk with you.

   wash station, these phenomena will occur after a period of: forming a thin layer of scale on the periphery of the basin, the mirror and the mesa covered with speckled "plated" on the stainless steel faucet white pink spots and so on. More smooth, flat place, the longer the stronger the adhesion of scale, are indelible cloth, a brush is also very demanding, and sometimes use the steel ball cleaning agent. If it is glass or ceramic place, better said, if the stainless steel, also leaving a scratch Road. Toilet, because often the inner surface erosion, as well as regular use of toilet Ling, general relatively clean, but on the outer edge and the lid, there will be slip through the net, always leave a few islands like water stains and India, in the sun or the light, looked dirty and unsanitary.

   tub, if wash clean after bathing, and the surface color is white, then reflected in the water damage is not obvious, but if the glass bath room, it is very troublesome. No matter how your rub, glass doors and walls of glass, or covered with a piece of blotting mark. People love the clean, sometimes a feeling heart block, and know what to do.

   In fact, these phenomena are due to water calcium and magnesium ions which cause, if it can get rid of calcium and magnesium ions, these phenomena will be a lot less. If the use of soft water, since the water removes calcium and magnesium ions of water, everything will be completely changed. Toilet what has become very clean. Wash Seto table surfaces, glass shower room, stainless steel faucet surface, just gently wipe with a cloth, to restore the smooth surface, even if long-term use could be like new. To use soft water, it is actually very simple, that is, after the inlet valve is installed to the home water softeners.

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